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Applied research at Spring Lake: Exploring the value of mindfulness in interpretive education

Spending time in nature provides numerous physical, social, and psychological benefits. However, increasing urbanization has created a growing disconnect between people and the natural world. A personal connection is important because it can not only change how people experience and perceive nature but also foster the desire to care for those natural spaces.

Dr. Rob Dussler, chief education officer for the Meadows Center, directs and designs nature experiences for the center’s education program, which engages more than 120,000 visitors each year through interpreter-led field trips and tours at Spring Lake. The program trains and employs a team of Texas State students to serve as environmental interpreters and to lead these nature experiences. The goal of the program is to connect faculty, staff, students, and the general public to the San Marcos Springs through interpretive programs that emphasize ecological, cultural, and historical knowledge as well as personal meaning.

Read the full Research Program Feature by Rob Dussler and Anthony Derringer at Texas State University here.