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As Texas grows, communities face an unwelcome neighbor: concrete companies. Homeowners have few options.

Peggy Watson noticed a few months ago that one of her neighbors was clearing his 78-acre plot of land. It was a matter of time, she thought. Her rural and “eclectic” neighborhood outside Austin was getting more valuable by the day as the city grew.

But it wouldn’t be an apartment complex that would occupy the unrestricted land in Oak Hill, as she and her neighbors anticipated. They soon learned it could be a concrete batch plant to service the construction of Oak Hill Parkway, a Texas Department of Transportation plan to widen Highway 290. The owner was courting TXDOT’s contractor to make it happen. (Laurie Simmons, a spokesperson for Colorado River Constructors, confirmed that the landowner had reached out to the company but said the plant site still hasn’t been selected.)

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