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‘God is not making more Honey Creeks’: Longtime neighbors clash over planned Hill Country development

Fed by water pouring out of Honey Creek Cave, the stream forms a series of pools and riffles, shaded by towering cypress and sycamore trees. Bass, sunfish, and other native fish dart beneath the lily pads dotting the surface of the clear water. Biologists consider the creek one of the most pristine examples left in the region of what Hill Country creeks looked like before European settlement.

Development was probably inevitable for this area on the northern fringes of the San Antonio metropolitan area. In recent years, the U.S. Census Bureau has listed Comal County as among the fastest-growing in the nation. The cutting up of large ranches into 5-acre ranchettes and dense subdivisions like Ventana, built across State Highway 46 from the Urbanczyk ranch, is driving up land prices. Everyone wants their own little slice of the Hill Country.

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