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Hamilton Pool Road development dispute has implications for entire Barton Springs Zone — Key decision imminent

Update: The “imminent decision” to be taken up by West Travis County PUA at their November 19 meeting was postponed until their next meeting, on December 17.

If anyone is feeling nostalgic for a 1980s or early 1990s style Austin growth battle they might want to check in on Bee Cave and the surrounding area. There, residents are locked in a fierce, high stakes battle with the City Council and the West Travis County Public Utility Agency (WTCPUA) over a development off Hamilton Pool Road near Little Barton Creek. The outcome could have huge consequences not just for the Bee Cave area, but also for the Edwards Aquifer, Barton Creek and Barton Springs.

For any longtime Austin resident who has visited or driven through the Bee Cave area in recent years, it might come as a surprise that the Bee Cave City Council or the WTCPUA has been enforcing any environmental regulations whatsoever. That’s because urbanized development packs once bucolic Bee Cave Road and can be seen in all directions — perhaps most notable, but far from alone, is the sprawling Hill Country Galleria. (Of course, folks in Bee Cave could say some similar things about Austin.)

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