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Helpful Documents – Statewide Information

County Tools: Reasonable and Necessary Practices – Hill Country Alliance issue paper

Essential Smart Growth Fixes for Rural Planning, Zoning, and Development Codes – 10 Strategies for rural planning – “Most rural communities want to maintain their rural character while also strengthening their economies

Attorney General Opinion, May 2012 – Re: County authority to enact water availability requirements in whole or in part of PGMA designations

Interim Report to the 82nd Texas Legislature – House Committee on County Affairs January 2011

Do Counties Need More Power to Deal With Sprawl? – A Texas House of Representatives Research Organization focus report that discusses county authority in urban areas (2002).

County Land Use Authority in Texas – An overview from CAPCOG of Texas law and policy in regard to land use, transportation and environmental concerns (2009).

County Powers and Duties – A report from the Texas Attorney General discussing county authority (2007).

League of Women Voters Position Paper on County Authority – A one-page document describing the League of Women Voters’ position on county authority in Texas from the 81st session (2009).

County Authority Comparison – An HCA document that compares county authority in Texas with authority in other states.

County Authority Table – Includes additional states in a state-by-state chart comparing county land use authority.

Sustaining Agriculture in Urbanizing Counties – A report from the University of Nebraska that discusses the use of county land use power in preserving farmland and highlights insights from 15 case studies (2009).

Helpful Documents – Region-Specific Reports and Information

Assessment of Growth and Development – The Capital Area Council of Governments’ (CAPCOG) assessment of recent and projected growth patterns for the 10-county region, focusing on land use, transportation, water and economic development.

Time to Act: The Future of the Texas Hill Country – An information pamphlet from the Hill Country Roundtable, a group of local government officials and citizens organized by the Texas Center for Policy Studies, discussing the state of county authority and specific needs within the Hill Country region.

County Planning Tools – An HCA position paper on needed Hill Country county authority planning tools.

Land-Use Planning in Comal County “A Growing Problem” – A study by the League of Women Voters of Comal Area (2005).

Travis County Land Use Authority Draft Report – A report commissioned by Travis County that examines support for land use authority among stakeholders and discusses how increased county authority can help manage growth in Travis County (2008).

Hill Country Counties Unite – A one-page document from the Hill Country Counties Coalition in support of HB 3265 by Rep. Patrick Rose (2009).

Helpful Links

Census 2010 Interactive Map – Texas Tribune interactive map showing 2010 Census totals by County

TWDB Task Force – The Texas Water Development Board’s Task Force on Uniform County Subdivision Regulation, which is tasked with identifying issues in the regulation of subdivision development in unincorporated areas.

HB 3265 (Rose) – Information on HB 3265, a bill authored by Rep. Patrick Rose in the 81st Legislative Session to grant Hill Country counties certain land use authority.

HB 4175 (Bolton) – Information on HB 4175, a bill authored by Rep. Valinda Bolton in the 81st Legislative Session to grant counties the authority to regulate certain incompatible land uses.