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Helpful Documents

FAQ on Ashe Juniper – By the Hill Country Land Trust

Timber of the Edwards Plateau, 1904 – “Timber of the Edwards Plateau 1904; Its relation to Climate, Water Supply and Soil” William Bray, to the Department of Agriculture – More than a century old, this document remains relevant today. A must read.

Article: The greatest grassland myth of the Texas Hill Country – Texas Wildlife Magazine, July 2012

Brush Management – Myths and Facts – A paper for landowners and policymakers about brush management from the Environmental Defense Fund (2003).

A Landowner’s Perspective on Cedar Removal – Thoughts about brush control and cedar removal from J. David Bamberger, the owner of the Bamberger Ranch Preserve, a well-known Hill Country ranch and wildlife habitat restoration project (2010).

David Langford Handout – Land stewardship is a lot more than just brush control! This handout from David Langford of the Texas Wildlife Association lists the many components of a holistic land management strategy.

Construction Sedimentation – A presentation from hydrologist Raymond Slade outlining the negative effects of construction sediment on water quality.

Prescribed Range Burning – An article prepared by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service discussing the potential benefits of prescribed range burning.


Helpful Links

Video: Managing Cedar – By the Hill Country Land Trust

Cedars Cause Watery Eyes but Dry Lands – An article from the San Antonio Express News discussing the potential effects of cedar removal on water supply (2010).

Edwards Aquifer Brush Management – An informative page on cedar and brush removal by environmental scientist Gregg Eckhardt.

The “Cedar Lady” – Natural Resource Planner Elizabeth McGreevy’s web page on Ashe juniper/mountain cedar.

Plateau Land and Wildlife Management – Information on brush management from a Central Texas consulting firm specializing in land management.

The War on Cedar – An article from Texas Monthly discussing the pros and cons of aggressive cedar removal.