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Helpful documents:

Federal Tax Incentive for Conservation Easement Donations – In 2015 Congress enacted one of the most powerful conservation measures in decades: the enhanced federal tax incentive for conservation easement donations.

Are Conservation Easements fair game for condemnation for utilities and other public use? Read this article from the Land Trust Alliance, “Condemnation: Coming to an Easement near you?” And, for a legal perspective, “Condemning Conservation Easements: Protecting the Public Interest and Investment in Conservation,” by Nancy A. McLaughlin

Conservation Banking – A paper from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on conservation banking, a market mechanism designed to provide incentives for landowners to permanently protect lands that contain natural resource values (2009).

Conservation Easements Guide – A guide for landowners from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Fragmented Lands: Changing Land Ownership in Texas – A discussion of the impacts of land fragmentation, or the parceling of large portions of land into smaller plots. See additional documents in the Economics of Sound Planning section here.

Protecting Texas with Conservation Easements – A presentation from the 2015 Conservation Easement Workshop by Burgess Jackson, Land Conservation Law

The Role of Land Trusts – A presentation from the 2015 Conservation Easement Workshop by Frank Davis, Hill Country Conservancy

Planning with Conservation Easements – A presentation from the 2015 Conservation Easement Workshop by Thomas Hall, Braun & Gresham

PDR Fact Sheet – A fact sheet from the American Farmland Trust outlining 77 purchase of development rights (PDR) programs in 19 states.

Helpful links:

LCRA Conservation Easement Video – 10 minute video on the benefits of conservation easements.

National Conservation Easement Database (NCED) – The NCED is the first national database of conservation easement information, compiling records from land trusts and public agencies throughout the U.S.

Conservation Almanac – A comprehensive data source on land conservation in Texas from the Trust for Public Land.

TPL Landowners Page – Information on conservation easements and economic benefits for landowners from the Trust for Public Land.

Texas Land Conservancy – One of the oldest and largest land trusts in Texas, dedicated to conserving land to benefit wildlife and to preserve examples of our natural and cultural heritage.

Texas Land Trust Council – Formed in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to serve as a support association for all land trust organizations in Texas.

Hill Country Conservancy – Marshaling public and private resources to preserve the natural areas and scenic vistas, aquifers and springs, rivers and streams, working farms and ranches and the rural heritage of the Central Texas Hill Country for people to enjoy and cherish for generations to come.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service – Organized by resident landowners concerned that increasingly intense development pressures throughout the Texas Hill Country area threaten to destroy its very nature.

American Farmland Trust – The website for the American Farmland Trust, whose mission is to help farmers and ranchers protect their land, produce a healthier environment and build successful communities.

Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas – A nonprofit land trust working to keep South Texas green.