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Helpful Documents

Land and Water Resources Conservation and Recreation Plan – A document that lays out TPWD’s strategic vision for the future of Texas lands. Includes information on TPWD’s management of public lands and cooperation with private landowners (2010).

World Class Parks – A report developed by Environment Texas discussing steps Texas can take to improve its existing park system (2007).

Texas Parks an Wildlife for the 21st Century – A report developed by Texas Tech University analyzing the state of parks in Texas and making recommendations for the future (2001).

Parkland and Open Space in the Texas Hill Country – A report by Texas Center for Policy Studies (2001).

Open Space Report – A report from the Austin Chamber of Commerce on open space in Austin compared to other cities (2003).

Survey: Texas Parks and Conservation Issues – A survey on parks, conservation and funding conducted by Hill Research Associates (2009).

The Benefits of Parks – A report from the Trust for Public Land that describes the numerous benefits of parks for people (2005).

The Health Benefits of Parks – A report from the Trust for Public Land that focuses on the health benefits of access to open space and public parks (2007).

Large Landscape Conservation – A report developed through the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy describing the benefits and challenges of large-scale land conservation.


Helpful Links

Texas Parks and Wildlife – Information on all Texas state parks and outdoor destinations.

LCRA Parks Page – LCRA operates many public parks around the Highland Lakes area.

Travis County Parks – Includes information about all of Travis County’s parks and parks programs.

San Antonio Parks Department – Information on parks and open space in San Antonio.

San Marcos Parks – Information on park facilities from the City of San Marcos.

Kerrville Parks – Information on parks in the City of Kerrville, including the 517-acre Kerrville-Schreiner Park.

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park – Information about the LBJ National Historic Park, located in Johnson City.

Hill Country Parks Guide – An online guide to parks located throughout the Hill Country.

The Race for Open Space – The decisions we make today will affect generations beyond our own children and grandchildren. New Jersey is in a race that will shape the future of our lives — a race between development and open space preservation (2003).