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Helpful Documents

Riparian Restoration on Farms and Ranches –  (August 2014) Published by Texas A&M University

Killing Cane, Learning from Large-Scale Conservation on the Nueces River – Great article published the Environmental Law Institute about efforts to eradicate invasive Arundo donax from the Nueces River.

Myths about our Creeks and Rivers – In his Riparian Notes for December 2012, Steve Nelle debunks 7 common myths starting with “Floods are Bad.”

Managing Riparian Habitats for Wildlife – A TPWD publication written by Matt Wagner

Texas Riparian Listserv – The Texas Riparian Listserv is managed by the Texas Riparian Association to promote communication about Texas riparian issues, ecology, and management.


Helpful Links

Texas Riparian Association online modules – Presentations from the Riparian and Stream Ecosystem Education Workshop, created by the Texas Riparian Association.

Understanding Your Remarkable Riparian Area – Riparian Webinar on TWA’s “Wildlife for Lunch” Series

Texas Riparian Association – “To encourage healthy riparian systems in Texas”, an excellent website full of helpful resources.

Nueces River Authority/Your Remarkable Riparian Project – Landowner Stewardship and Riparian Education

American Rivers – American Rivers is a leading conservation organization standing up for healthy rivers so communities can thrive.

Pull. Kill. Plant. – A website on the importance of controlling Arundo donax in Texas riparian areas, with a clear explanation of the best treatment techniques.

Wetland Plants for Central Texas – A list of Central Texas plants that work well in riparian areas from the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

Steve Nelle’s Riparian Notes – With extensive experience in riparian management and restoration, Steve Nelle discusses the many features, benefits and misconceptions of Texas riparian areas.


Helpful Publications

RiparianFieldGuideYour Remarkable Riparian Field Guide
Author: Sky Lewey
Supporters: The Meadows Foundation, The Dixion Water Foundation, Stewards of the Nueces, Texas Wildlife Association Foundation, and Texas Coalition-Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative, United states Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service.
Description: This is a field guide to riparian plants within the Nueces River Basin of Texas.


Managing Riparian Areas

Author: Steve Nelle
Description: As Texas’ most acclaimed riparian educator, Steve Nelle has created here a thorough, well-organized, and wise guide for riparian stewards everywhere. He has a great deal of knowledge to impart and has done it wonderfully within these pages— almost as good as a walk along the bank of a special stream with Steve as our personal guide.

Helpful Videos

Steve Nelle explaining Lane’s Balance

Steve Nelle – Basics of Riparian Management

Presentation by Nikki Dictson of the Texas Water Resources Institute

Webinar by Sky Jones-Lewey of the Nueces River Authority