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Helpful Documents

Wind Power for a Cleaner America – A report Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Save Our Scenic Hill Country Environment (SOSHE) Comments filed regarding Environmental Impacts, December 2011

Clear View Alliance (CVA) Comments on Environmental Impacts filed December 2011

CWA’s Introduction to CREZ – An introduction to Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) from the Clear View Alliance, including a detailed timeline (2009).

Priority Crez Project Map – A map of the CREZ, where the transmission lines will be run.

The Impact of Wind Turbines on Market Value of Rural Texas Land – A presentation prepared for the South Texas Plains Agriculture Wind & Wildlife Conference (2009).

TWA Position Paper on Wind Energy – A position paper from the Texas Wildlife Association on wind energy that discusses the development of wind transmission infrastructure (2009).

Lobby Watch – Texans for Public Justice lobby report on transmission line contracts (March 2010).

TWA Letter to PUC Requesting Reevaluation – A letter from the Texas Wildlife Association requesting that the PUC reevaluate the Hill Country CREZ line segments in light of landowner concern (July 2010).

Clearview Alliance Initial Post-Hearing Brief – A brief developed by the Clear View Alliance following a hearing about the Hill Country CREZ transmission line that discusses several issues in the development of the line (November 2010).

Steel Monopoles vs. Lattice Towers, from Bill Neiman – A presentation from the Clear View Alliance providing evidence about LCRA’s public comment process and plans for transmission line construction.


Helpful Links

National Wind Watch – Presenting the fact about industrial wind power

Texas Hill Country Heritage Association – THCHA’s mission is to protect private property rights and the environment through research, education, publications and programs; to identify pertinent community issues; inform the public and motivate citizens to respond; and to encourage and enhance the role of local governments.

LCRA and CREZ – LCRA website about the CREZ projects.

Save Our Scenic Hill Country Environment – Save Our Scenic Hill Country was organized by a group of landowners, business people and other concerned citizens in Gillespie County who are committed to sensible development in our beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Scenic Texas – Dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our state’s visual environment.

Industrial Wind Action Group – Industrial Wind Action stands ready to assist communities threatened with industrial wind energy projects by providing residents, as well as government officials, the information to make informed decisions.