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Helpful Documents – Groundwater

Taxes, Takings, And Groundwater  – Renea Hicks’ exploration of groundwater leases and lost tax revenues.

Myths and Truths: Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs) – Learn the truths about GCDs.

Extended Chronology of Drought in South Central Southeastern and West Texas – GBRA Tree Ring Study

Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources: Separating the Frack from the Fiction

Regional Aquifer-System Analysis – Hydrogeologic Framework of the Edwards-Trinity Aquifer System, West Central Texas, Regional Aquifer-System Analysis by Rene A. Barker and Ann F. Ardis

Statistical relations of precipitation and stream runoff for El Niño and La Niña periods – A report by hydrologist Raymond Slade from the Texas Water Journal.

Texas Hill Country – A report by hydrologist Raymond Slade from the Texas Water Journal.

HTGCD Reported Dry Wells in 2009 – Map of Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District reported dry wells in 2009

Forming GCDs FAQ

The Fallacy of Vested Groundwater Ownership – Bringing science to the SB332 debate, by hydrologists Rene Barker and Raymond Slade, Jr.

Groundwater Call to Action – A GWPC report

Groundwater Resource Characterization and Modeling – A GWPC report

A Streetcar Named Desired Future Conditions – A report by TWDB that provides an overview of Texas groundwater policy and includes a detailed description of the Desired Future Conditions (DFC) process.

TWDB MAG Memo – A memo from the TWDB regarding exempt wells and calculating “Managed Available Groundwater” (May 2010).

House Natural Resources Committee Interim Report – The interim report from the House Natural Resources Committee, which includes an extensive discussion of current groundwater policy and regulatory issues (2010).

Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts Position Paper for the 82nd Legislature – A paper discussing TAGD’s positions on groundwater policy issues (2010).

Joint Position Statement on Groundwater Ownership – A position paper authored by the Texas Wildlife Association, the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association and the Texas Farm Bureau about groundwater property rights.

Spotlight on Groundwater Districts in Texas – A report on GCDs by the Environmental Defense Fund.

Down to the Last Drop – A report from the Environmental Defense Fund on groundwater management in Texas. Includes specific information on GMA 9.

Groundwater Conservation District Success Stories – GCD success stories from Texas A&M University.

Myths and Facts About Groundwater Marketing – A guide for landowners and groundwater conservation districts.

Solving the Texas Groundwater Puzzle – A report from the Texas Public Policy Foundation advocating a larger role for the private sector in Texas water marketing (2005).

Requiring Proof of Groundwater Availability – A review of groundwater supply policy in Arizona and New Mexico from the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance (2010).

Capping Water Wells for Future Use – (August 2007) – Published by Texas A&M University

Landowner’s Guide to Plugging Abandoned Water Wells – (March 2010) Published by TCEQ



Helpful Documents – GMA 9 and Hill Country Aquifers

Texas Hill Country Water Management Districts – A summary of the water management districts of the Texas Hill Country.

GMA 9 Map – Map of Groundwater Management Area 9.

Are We Sucking the Trinity Dry? – An Austin Chronicle article from 2005 that remains timely regarding the lack of groundwater protection in the Hill Country.

Dry Wells in Hays County Drought or Development? – A presentation of research by hydrologist Raymond Slade (2006).

Trinity Aquifer Map – A hydrogeologic map of the Trinity Aquifer developed for BSEACD/GMA 9. Also see the hydrogeologic atlas of the Trinity under Helpful Links.

Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Presentation – A presentation from Raymond Slade about the hydrogeologic features of the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer.

GMA 9 DFC Resolution – The resolution setting the DFCs for GMA 9 (July 2010).


Helpful Documents – Hill Country PGMA

TCEQ PGMA Map – A map from TCEQ outlining each of the state’s seven designated PGMAs.

Western Travis County Community Meeting Notes – Notes from a Southwest Travis County community meeting hosted by Commissioner Gerald Daugherty and HCA regarding the formation of a GCD in the Hill Country PGMA (2007).

TCEQ Report on the State’s Priority Groundwater Management Areas – TCEQ’s report to the 81st Legislature on Priority Groundwater Management Areas and Groundwater Conservation Districts.

TECQ’s GCD Recommendation Draft – Draft GCD recommendation for Hill Country Priority Groundwater Management Area, Western Comal and SW Travis Counties (September 2009).

TCEQ Final GCD Recommendation – TCEQ’s final recommendations for the formation of a new GCD in the Hill Country PGMA (July 2010).


Helpful Links

Groundwater Conservation Districts – TCEQ resources about groundwater conservation districts.

How Texas compares to other states when it comes to water permitting – A comparison of state water withdrawal regulations by the National Conference of State Legislatures

Groundwater Protection Council – “Protecting our Nation’s Groundwater”

HCA GMA 9 Information – A compilation of information and documents leading to the July 26, 2010 GMA 9 DFC decision from Hill Country Alliance.

Texas Water Development Board’s Groundwater Resources Division – The resource page on groundwater from the TWDB.

Hill Country Groundwater Management Area 9 – The TWDB page for GMA 9.

Texas Groundwater Protection Committee – The TGPC, which is made up of nine state agencies and the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts, strives to identify areas where new or existing groundwater programs could be enhanced, as well as improve coordination among agencies involved in groundwater activities.

Water Data for Texas – The most comprehensive online data hub on Texas reservoirs. The general public, engineers and scientists can use the site to access extensive information, such as reservoir levels, storage, surface area, and elevation-area-capacity curves.

Texas Living Waters – Information on groundwater from a joint effort by three conservation organizations —  The Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club and National Wildlife Federation and Galveston Bay Foundation.

Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts – An alliance formed to further the purpose of groundwater conservation and protection activities.

Edwards Aquifer Daily Water Levels and Spring Flows – Current and historical information on water levels and spring flows from the Edwards Aquifer Authority.

Water Is Life – News updates and opinions about water issues in Texas and the Southwest.

Trinity Atlas – A detailed hydrogeologic atlas of the Trinity (Hill Country) Aquifer.

TWDB Trinity Aquifer Page – The TWDB’s technical page for the Trinity Aquifer, including a report on water availability projections through 2050.