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Helpful Documents

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Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting Printed in 2005 by the Texas Water Development Board

Rainwater Revival Presentations – View presentations from HCA’s annual Rainwater Revival

Rainwater Harvesting as a Development-wide Water Supply

Integrative Water Management and Conservation Development:

Alternatives for the Central Texas Hill Country – Written in 2004 by Dr. Kent Butler, this analysis of water management strategies for the Hill Country will “shape the future of the region in terms of water use, cost of living, water quality, and landscape/environmental stress.”

Large Scale Rainwater Collection at Texas Public Schools – (2014) Prepared by Bandera High School as a resource for other schools interested in installing large scale rainwater collection on their campus.

UGRA Rainwater Catchment Rebate – Information on the newly implemented UGRA Rainwater Catchment rebate program

2010 TWDB Rain Catcher Awards

A Simple Lesson about Rainwater Harvesting – A presentation developed by the Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District with photos of rainwater harvesting equipment.

Rainwater Harvesting Committee Report – A report to the 80th Legislature from the Texas Rainwater Harvesting Evaluation Committee discussing the state’s potential for rainwater harvesting with recommendations for promoting its use.

Setting Up, Permitting and Running a Subdivision – A draft proposal discussing the utilization of rainwater harvesting as a water supply strategy for Hill Country subdivisions.


Helpful Links

Local Suppliers – A list of Hill Country Rainwater Harvesting suppliers and service providers from Texas Rainwater Catchment Association.

Rainharvest School – Get hands-on experience and practice building your own rainwater harvesting system.

Texas A&M Rainwater Calculator – Calculate cumulative storage and supplemental water use for your rainwater harvesting system.

How to build a rain barrel – Instructional video from Taking Care of Texas

Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting – Anupam Mishra gives us insight about water harvesting in the desert of India. Fascinating!

SAWS – Put your rainwater to good use

Sustainable Rainwater Harvesting Systems – Video of John Kight’s presentation at the Energy Roundup 2009

Texas Water Development Board Rainwater Harvesting – The TWDB’s page on rainwater harvesting, which includes several additional TWDB documents and FAQs.

TCEQ Rainwater Harvesting Resources – Information from TCEQ focusing on treating rainwater for potable use that includes guidance for households and public water systems.

LCRA Rainwater Harvesting – Information from LCRA on rainwater harvesting at home.

BSEACD Rainwater Harvesting Information – Resources from BSEACD including several helpful documents.

City of Austin Rainwater Harvesting – Information from the City of Austin, including guidelines for the city’s rainwater harvesting rebates.

Rain Garden Network – An online resource for information about rainwater harvesting and the use of rain gardens, which help manage stormwater and reduce water pollution.

Texas A&M Rainwater Harvesting Training Programs – Texas AgriLife Extension holds several rainwater trainings across the state. Each training will cover a different topic related to rainwater harvesting.

ARCSA – A link to the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, founded in Austin in 1994 to promote rainwater catchment systems in the United States.

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