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Helpful Documents

Vista Ridge Facts Sheet – HCA’s fact sheet on the Vista Ridge Pipeline Project

Surface and Groundwater Policy Integration – HCA issue paper on the difference in policy for groundwater and surface water.

Current and Future Water Shortages – Presentation by Raymond Slade

Texas Water Report: Going Deeper for the Solution – A report by the State Comptroller’s Office demonstrating the value of conservation investments and innovation in water research and technology.

Groundwater Desalination: An Under-Projected Source of Supply? – From the Texas Center for Policy Studies

Drinking Water Infrastructure: Who Pays and How (And for What?) – An advocate’s guide by American Rivers

Statistical relations of precipitation and stream runoff for El Niño and La Niña periods, Texas Hill Country – A report by hydrologist Raymond Slade from the Texas Water Journal.

Summary of the 2011 Regional Water Plans – Prepared by TWDB for the 82nd Legislature

Overview of Texas Water Law – An overview of the planning process and Texas water law by hydrologist Raymond Slade.

TWDB Planning Group Map – A map of the 16 regional water planning groups.

House Natural Resources Committee Interim Report – The interim report from the House Natural Resources Committee, which includes a discussion of groundwater issues, drought and the State Water Plan (2010).

TWDB Priorities Report to the 82nd Legislature – TWDB’s report on the agency’s priorities for the 82nd Legislative Session, focusing largely on financing water projects through bonds (2011).

EDF Report on Economics in Water Planning – A document prepared for regional water planning groups that discusses demand forecasting and cost-benefit analyses.

Value of Regional Water Planning – A presentation from a Chicago water resource economist that discusses the costs and benefits of regional water supply planning, using the Houston region as an example of significant cost savings.

LCRA Water Supply Resource Plan – A copy of the Lower Colorado River Authority’s final Water Supply Resource Plan (October 2010).

SAWS Water Management Plan – The San Antonio Water System’s latest water plan (2012).


Helpful Links

State Water Planing – Link to the TWDB State Water Plan and the Interactive 2012 State Water Plan Website

Symposium on Securing Water Supplies for the Future: Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities – Podcast of the November, 2012 symposium from Texas Wesleyan University

Water Data for Texas – The most comprehensive online data hub on Texas reservoirs. The general public, engineers and scientists can use the site to access extensive information, such as reservoir levels, storage, surface area, and elevation-area-capacity curves.

Regional Water Planning Groups – Water planning groups by region from TWDB.

TAGD GCD Database – Groundwater Conservation District (GCD) database from Texas Alliance of Groundwater District.

Best Management Practices for the Conservation of Texas Watersheds

How Texas compares to other states when it comes to water permitting

TWDB Information on Regional Water Planning – Basic information on the regional water planning process from the Texas Water Development Board.

Region F Plan – The full text of the Region F Regional Water Plan for 2011.

TWDB Region F Page – The Region F resources page from the TWDB.

Region J Plan – Includes minutes from planning group meetings and region-specific data reports in addition to the full Region J plan.

TWDB Region J Page – The Region J resources page from the TWDB.

Region K Plan – The full text of the Region K plan, in addition to copies of comments received by the Region K planning group on the initial draft plan.

TWDB Region K Page – The Region K resources page from the TWDB.

Region L Plan – Other sections of the Region L website provide planning group documents and public comments.

TWDB Region L Page – The Region L resources page from the TWDB.

Texas Living Waters – Information on groundwater from a joint effort by three conservation organizations —  The Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club and National Wildlife Federation and Galveston Bay Foundation.

The State of Flowing Water – A documentary on water in Texas produced by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (2008).

Liquid Assets: The State of Texas’ Water Resources – An in-depth piece on different aspects of Texas water from Comptroller Susan Combs (2009).

Texas Water Journal – An online, peer-reviewed journal discussing water issues in Texas.

Texas Water Solutions – EDF Blog full of resources about water planning

H204Texas – Created to increase public awareness of the critical water shortfalls facing our state and to begin mobilizing support for full implementation of the State Water Plan.