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New SA company aims to encourage cattle ranching with eco-friendly tactics

It’s 6:30 a.m., and the Texas sky is just starting to lighten from the black of night to the gray-blue of dawn. Dressed in a flannel shirt, work jeans, and lace-up boots, Schertz resident Zachary Platt is already loading up his Kawasaki Mule and heading out on the 374 acres of land he ranches and farms for a living.

Platt drives the off-road utility vehicle to the spot where his 85 cattle – all females with their calves, aside from one red bull – are resting under huisache trees, and bellows a quick cattle call several times. “Woo-ie!” he yells into the still morning air. He hops back into the Mule with the cattle following him at a quick trot.

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