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October proclaimed “Hill Country Night Sky Month”

Kerrville Mayor Bill Blackburn read a proclamation at the Oct. 13 city council meeting declaring October as Hill Country Night Sky Month in recognition of local efforts to “preserve the rich historic heritage and starry night skies of Kerrville” by “solving the problem of light pollution.”

Joining Blackburn (far right in photo) for the proclamation were, from left: Bruce E. Barton (President, Hill Country Astronomers), Debbie Thompson (Kerr County Friends of the Night Sky), Barbara Oates (President, Riverside Nature Center), Richard Bobick (Hill Country Astronomers), and Dr. Bill Rector (Board Member, Main Street Advisory Board). Also present but not in the picture were Kathleen Brinkman (Kerr County Friends of the Night Sky) and Dr. Kim Arvidsson (Astronomer and Professor – Loftis Observatory, Schreiner University).

See the full press release from the City of Kerrville here.

For a more complete list of Night Sky Month proclamations across the Hill Country, click here.