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2015 Leadership Summit Presentation:
What’s happening on the land in the Texas Hill Country and where are we headed?

Roel Lopez Texas Land Trends

By Roel Lopez, Director of Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources, Texas Land Trends – Roel has 20 years of natural resource experience with Texas A&M University

This presentation takes a look at some of the drivers in land conversion and fragmentation in the state and Texas Hill Country.

2015 Leadership Summit Presentation:
Water for the Hill Country: Who, What, and When?

Robert Mace Presentation

By Robert Mace, Deputy Executive Administrator for Water Science and Conservation, Texas Water Development Board

With 16 years at the Texas Water Development Board, Robert takes a look at where our Hill Country water comes from and the complicated issues facing us as our population explodes along the I-35 corridor.

2015 Leadership Summit Presentation:
Hill Country Dark Sky Reserve: A place for all of us under the starry night skies of the Texas Hill Country

Ken Kattner Presentation

By Ken Kattner, Landowner, Putman Mountain Observatory

Did you know the Hill Country is on the edge of night? Austin to San Antonio is bathed in artificial light, but the Hill Country has been embracing a movement to protect the starry night skies.

2015 Leadership Summit Presentation: Enhancing our collective ability to scale the impact of land and water resource protection in the Texas Hill Country

Patrick Bixler Presentation

By Patrick Bixler, Research Scientist, Texas A&M Institute for Renewable Natural Resources

Patrick is leading a Hill Country Network Research Project to evaluate opportunities for greater collaboration and to examine lessons we can learn from successful “Networks” in other areas.

2015 Leadership Summit Presentation: Incredible Hill Country Rivers: What makes these rivers uniquely “ecologically significant?”

Con Mims Presentation

By Con Mims, Executive Director of the Nueces River Authority

Con’s presentation walks us through the state of our rivers and challenges to river health. With the threats these precious resources face, what are the most important actions we should be taking to protect them?

2015 Leadership Summit Presentation: Changing the way Central Texas lives and moves!

Joe Lessard Presentation

By Joe Lessard, Senior Planning Director, Knudson LP. Lone Star Rail

The LSTAR regional commuter rail project is on track for final design and construction in 3 to 4 years. The project will truly be a game-changer for our region, and will enhance the way we move and develop.

2015 Leadership Summit Presentation: Investigating the full range of the land and resource conservation tools to protect the Hill Country’s most important resources

Bob Yaro Presentation

By Robert Yaro, Potter Rose Visting Professor, UT School of Architecture

Bob is President Emeritus and Senior Advisor at Regional Plan Association in New York, and has extensive experience in regional planning and conservation efforts from around the country. He is leading a graduate level course focused on Hill Country planning this fall.

Night Sky Presentation
by Matt Lara


Potential for Catastrophic Floods in the Austin Area
By Raymond Slade

Austin flooding

Flash Flooding in Karstic Terrains in South-Central Texas
from the Geological Society of America

Flash Flooding in Karstic Terrains

SAWS Role in the Development of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone

SAWS Role In Development of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone

Rainwater Revival Presentations: View presentations given at HCA’s annual Rainwater Revival

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Scenic Comal County presentation: Let’s Stop Billboard Proliferation before it’s too Late

Groundwater 101

The basics about Texas Hill Country groundwater science and policy, Presented by Milan Michalec at the 2012 Rainwater Revival.
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2012 Texas Groundwater Summit hosted by TAGC presentations

Current and Future Water Shortages

Presentation by hydrologist Raymond Slade.
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Texas Drought

Powerpoint Presentation by hydrologist Raymond Slade. Click here to download

Proposed Sewage Effluent discharge from the City of Burnet

Threats to Hamilton Creek and Lake Travis.
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Impacts of Urbanization on Water Resources
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General Threats to Water Quality from Domestic Wastewater Discharges in Hill Country

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Water Conservation – Landscape and Drought

A simple lesson about Rainwater Harvesting. Click here to download

Basic Law and Management of Texas Waters

A basic summary of information regarding Texas water law and Texas water management. Click here to download.

Hill Country Water Issues

An overview of hydrology in the Texas Hill Country including numerous maps and illustrations documenting water quality degradation. Compiled by Raymond Slade, Certified and Registered Professional Hydrologist.
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Regional Water Quality Protection Plan

An update from June 2008 by Grant Jackson, Naismith Engineering
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Texas Springs

The documented loss of springs in the Hill Country by Chad Norris, TPWD
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Hill Country 20-Year Scenario

A look at growth in the Hill Country, following the path we are on today through the year 2030 by Pegasus Planning
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Construction Sedimentation

A look at water quality degradation due to improper construction controls includes specific recommendations for the Hill Country including model ordinances by Raymond Slde, Certified and Registered Professional Hydrologist.
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The State of Our Region

The Capital Area Council of Governments’ annual “State of the Region” report for Central Texas in 2008. Click here to download.

The Barton Springs Part of the Edwards Aquifer

Basic physical and hydrologic characteristics pertinent to permitted discharges. Click here to download.