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Rain Barrel Art Gallery


2014 Rainbarrel Auction

Rachel-2TITLE: Rain and Windmills

ARTIST: Rachel Dory,

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: I love the stark geometry and soaring lines that windmills bring to our rugged Texas landscapes. As I considered the subject of water conservation, I felt that the image of a windmill would be appropriate – both as an object of beauty and as a symbol of responsibly harnessing and conserving our natural resources.



Cardwell_Mara_3TITLE:  On Earth We Are One

ARTIST:  Mara Cardwell –

ARTIST’S STATEMENT:  The earth unites us as one on its grounds of natural resources like water, trees, mountains, wildlife and skies.  Mother Earth has provided for us for billions of years.  It’s time for us to unite forces, conserve the beautiful gifts we live with, and provide for generations to come.



Bird-Bath-3-2TITLE:  At the Bird Bath

ARTIST: Kay Hughes –

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: ‘At the Bird Bath’ is a painted rain barrel for the community of the Rainwater Revival program. The purpose of the program is to raise awareness to water collection and conservation. The proceeds of the program will go the Hill Country Schools. Not only am I a gardener, a Back Yard Habitat provider and rain collector via barrels of many years, but I give to the community. ‘At the Bird Bath’ was inspired by seeing nature and water, feeling it all around and learning from it. My paintings are of nature and fun things out of my studio, Knott Garden in Austin, and I am Kay Hughes.




Katya-3-2TITLE: Love & Gratitude:Elemental Re-Cognition

ARTIST: Kathryn Babboni –

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: My design was inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book, “ The Hidden Messages in Water”. Dr. Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them; in essence proving that our thoughts, words, and our very consciousness has an immediate impact upon the water within both our bodies and environment. I chose to paint upon the rain barrel words of love and gratitude in many languages, with the intent of blessing the water and increasing awareness about our personal and collective responsibility to honor the Element of Water and our Mother Earth. Water is so much more than a mere “resource” to be owned and exploited. Water is a miraculous Element, a living record of humanity, nature, and a sacred blessing to us all. Love & Gratitude, Namaste!



2013 Rain Barrel Art:

Texas-Gold-2TEXAS GOLD

Artist: Sabine. Senft, Boerne

The colors of our Texas flag are overlaid with gold leaf emphasizing the preciousness of rain and reflective of the glowing atmosphere of a Hill Country summer. Fissures and distressed surfaces allude to our drought-stricken, cracking soil. I added symbols for life and growth along with an agave, a local water storing plant.






Artist: Christopher Barnett, San Marcos

A hidden forest. Secrets kept for children only. This is what I wanted to convey. The book Minder by J. Kabay inspired my barrel. I used charcoal, brass, rust, and ash to depict the darkness within this story. As a Hill Country resident and eco-minded father of four, this project was a fun way to combine all aspects of my immediate world.





Artist: Students at Northeast School of the Arts, San Antonio

The oceans are the largest sources of life on planet Earth, and are slowly losing their abundance of life and habitat. Water conservation seems to be on a back burner of the nation, when it should be one of the most important things to discuss. With this rain barrel one can be reminded of what needs to be saved, nurtured and cared for.




garden-by-moonlightGARDEN BY MOONLIGHT

Artist: Pat Jimenez, San Antonio

My barrel is a potpourri of flowers spilling out of baskets and clay pots. Visitors such as ladybugs and dragonflies are feeling right at home amongst the natural essence, which they desire to propagate. There is nothing more beautiful than nature’s own kaleidoscope of colors. To preserve our water resources, conservation is of the utmost importance.







Artist: Cynthia Wilcox, Austin

The drought has given me a deep appreciation of rainwater and ground water, and the key role they play in sustaining life here in Central Texas. I’ve tried to capture the beauty and movement of water in the Edwards Aquifer, and the important role that native vegetation and green spaces play in maintaining the health and vitality of this underground body of water.





Marens-barrel-2BELOVED TEXAS

Artist: Maren Phillips, San Antonio

Maren Phillips paints all subjects in nature with joy and passion— from Hill Country landscapes to exciting portraits of the critters that roam those hills! Recent work celebrates the scorching sunshine of Texas heat, the dusky greens of the live oak, and the vivid colors of the wildflowers around the state.






Artist: Brenn Colson, Kerrville

My “thing” is frogs. My degree is Design and Art. My medium? Well it isn’t usually paint! (It won’t bend to my will.) But I love doing community projects and helping the environment. I also quilt and volunteer in the art department at the Kerrville State Hospital.






2012 Rain Barrel Art:

AesopCardenasAesop Cardenas

It’s Raining Whimsy

Characters from childhood delight you on this rain barrel art- is that a sock rabbit? You cannot help but smile when you look at this design, and when it fills up with water, your plants will be smiling, too, as you water them with this pure and wonderful water.





The Dripping Springs chapter of the National Art Honor Society, under the aegis of Jay Bates, DSHS Art teacher:

Deep in the Rainforest

The President of the organization is the very talented Morgane Xenos. Other talented students working on the project are Camile and Sophia Shroeder, Kristin Kish, Rachel Clarke, Shannon McCurdy, Brandon Campos, Mica Carson, Vashti Bester, Jenna Cox, Rachel Meeks, and Joey Rodan.





Taylor Dueker

Let the Water Come

Using his architectural background, Taylor created an aqueduct in the round with his rain barrel art. If you look at photos taken from all sides, you see the aqueduct bringing water into the barrel, as surely as your gutters will bring water into your barrel.





Dianne Koelher

Wildflowers and Sunflowers in the Rain

“I have been inspired by how beautiful the countryside looks when blanketed in flowers that live only on rainwater. As a decorative painter, flowers are one of my favorite subjects to paint.”




Wendy Little:

Amazing Succulents

“I chose succulents because they are the perfect little water conservationists. They store water in their leaves, their stems, and also in their roots. They are charming to look at, I love the colors and shapes and all of the different variations, and when they hold water on their leaves it looks like diamonds!”




Kathleen McElwaine

Texas Balloons

“The title is taken from my painting of Prickly Pear that I enjoy very much. I was inspired by the beautiful natural growth of the Prickly Pear in the hill country of Texas.”





Felicia Ristaino

“If it keeps on raining,
Levees gonna break,
If it keeps on raining,
Levees gonna break…”
-Led Zeppelin

Felicia Ristaino paints to the feeling and mood, as any good contemporary artist does. Under the moonlight, with music filling the space, she imagines the pouring of texas water over a scorched earth. The strokes imitate the rush of native water over the hard surface of the catchment barrel and conjure the spirit of growth and fluidity despite the hard earth beneath.



2011 Rain Barrel Art

ARTIST: Lee Carrell

TITLE: Thunderheads

IN THE ARTIST’S WORDS: My barrel pictures Hill Country thunderheads that can bring sudden and welcome downpours to fill rainwater systems – and also provide a dramatic demonstration of the beauty, power and mystery of nature.






Bridgets-barrelARTIST: Bridget Hauser

TITLE: Luna Pop

IN THE ARTIST’S WORDS: The Luna Moth has many childhood memories for me from the Midwest, so it also landed on the rain barrel project. The line and color pattern on the rest of the barrel has a playful look that could be interpreted as bubbles in the water, or rain-drops coming down. I’m not sure myself. I got the approval of my granddaughter!

TRAIL LOCATION: HEB, Dripping Springs




Zenas-barrel-croppedARTIST: Zena Stetka Howe

TITLE: Water Water Everywhere

IN THE ARTIST’S WORDS: Water is so limited at this time and most of us are ready to do a rain dance. This was on my mind when I was approaching my rainwater collection barrel. It’s that wishful thinking…

TRAIL LOCATION: Pecan Street Brewing on the Courthouse Square in Johnson City





Water swirlsARTIST: Martha League-Calhoun

TITLE: Wet Inside & Out

IN THE ARTIST’S WORDS: Water is a vital resource with properties that are magnetic and healing, as well as destructive. Light plays on its surface in in its depths with equal mystery. My hope is that viewers will slip into the scene and find themselves quenched.

TRAIL LOCATION: Bee Cave Public Library, 4000 Galleria Parkway






Susans-at-Natural-Gardner-hi-resARTIST: Susan Manzello

TITLE: Water Life

IN THE ARTIST’S WORDS: I am mesmerized by the serene river waters, the interplay of vibrant colored fish, the fluid waving of the plants, the swirling waters. The aquatic life knows no other world and will die without the waters. They need the waters to breath, to be fed, to move, to live.

TRAIL LOCATION: The Natural Gardener, Austin






Texas-music-croppedARTIST: Cheri Merrifield

TITLE: Yellow Rose of Texas

IN THE ARTIST’S WORDS: This song was the first song I ever memorized. I lived in Texas for a very short while as a child and we sang it over and over again. What is more Texan than a song, a guitar and a banjo highlighting the Hill Country landscape?

TRAIL LOCATION: Wimberley Community Center






2010 Rain Barrel Art:

Agua Caliente barrellARTIST: Melodie Greider(TxO honored artist)

TITLE: Agua Caliente

ABOUT: Inspired by the artist’s bumper crop of peppers. Melodie is honored by the Texas Commission on the Arts as a Texas Original artist.







dripping_julie_speir_hebARTIST: Julie Speir

TITLE: Clear Water Morning

ABOUT: Water-loving Texas wildlife including kingfisher, dragonflies, heron and tortoise beautifully backlit at sunrise.





san_marcos_susan_manzello_courthouseARTIST: Susan Manzello

TITLE: Blossoms of the Groovy Waters

ABOUT: After looking at countless photos of flowers, Susan fused them together in this way-out and truly wonderful work of art.






TITLE: The Confused Agave…It Thinks It’s a Barrel Cactus

ABOUT: Known for her Agave series, Nancy’s work exhibits her profound appreciation for the variations in color of the majestic agave.







wimberley_robin_hegemeier_king_hardware1ARTIST: Robin Hegemier

TITLE: Leaf No Drop Behind

ABOUT: The artist continues her celebration of nature in this intricate and wonderfully nuanced leaf collage. A worthy successor to Robin’s famous G.O.A.T. project, Leaf No Kid Behind.





susan_remerscheidARTIST: Susan Remerscheid


ABOUT: Moved by the shape of and colors within the world-renowned Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Susan created this happy scene starring clownfish and coral to inspire children to participate in water conservation.

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