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Toward a Regional Plan for the Texas Hill Country  – Full Report     |     Toward a Regional Plan for the Texas Hill Country  – Summary 

This study, prepared by a team of 12 masters students and three instructors in the Community and Regional Planning Department at the University of Texas, describes the importance of the Hill Country’s unique character and natural resources to the continued prosperity of the region. It identifies threats to these resources, including land fragmentation, under-funded groundwater conservation districts, and crippling traffic that drives residents from our cities. It closes with a suite of recommendations for new policies, investments, and in a few cases, institutions necessary to protect the region’s resources and support stewardship.

The findings in this report were informed by the participation of experts and community members from across the Hill Country. As the team crafted its recommendations, it consulted with a group of experienced regional planners and conservation professionals from this region and others throughout the U.S. that have successfully mobilized to protect their landscapes’ unique features.

The Hill Country Alliance looks forward to working with a broad network of partners throughout the region to pursue these and other important initiatives in the coming years.

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