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San Antonio Water System (SAWS) enjoys a position of national leadership as a progressive water utility due to its commitment to conservation and innovative sourcing. Despite dramatic population growth in their service area over the years, SAWS has maintained level overall usage rates by instituting world-class conservation measures.

The San Antonio City Council has signed a $3.4 billion-dollar deal to initiate the delivery of almost 16.3 billion gallons of water per year from Burleson County to San Antonio. The Vista Ridge project requires a 142-mile long pipeline spanning six counties.

SAWS_vista ridge map

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What are the potential financial risks and ecological consequences that the Vista Ridge Pipeline will bring to San Antonio and the region?

  • The Vista Ridge Pipeline Project is extremely complex and has many facets and players. Hill Country Alliance has researched the project and produced a brief  Vista Ridge Facts Paper.
  • The financial aspects are complicated, but bond markets and large capital experts Jim Smyle and Michelle Gangnes have compiled an easy to understand and comprehensive Financial Facts Paper.
  • The much-disputed Long-Term Water Management And Conservation Report draft prepared for the Cities of San Antonio and Fair Oaks Ranch this year labeled the Vista Ridge project as “high risk,” a rating that was downgraded to “moderate risk” in the final version of the report.

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