The Texas Water Roundtable has premiered the short film series, Texas Water Challenges.
Five ten-minute films on contemporary water issues impacting Texas – water pricing and economics, new water, surface/groundwater coordination, water education, and Texas water challenges overview.
The films were released January 2018 and will premiere at the State Capital Annex Auditorium on April 11th from 1-3pm.
Click links below to watch:
· Feature film all five topics (60 minutes):
· Texas Water Challenges (10 minutes):
· Water Economics and Pricing (10 minutes):
· Water Education (10 minutes):
· New Water (10 minutes)
· Surface/Groundwater (10 minutes)
· Film trailer with testimonials (3 minutes)
The Roundtable has created six videos covering a wide range of contemporary water topics. These educational videos provide insights from water leaders across the state and offer direction for policy makers and business leaders to meet the growing demand for water.
The HCA collaborates within several stakeholder groups to affect good water stewardship by expanding our geographic footprint and constituency. 
The Texas Water Roundtable is composed of traditional stakeholder groups with an emphasis on industrial partners. Within this group, HCA has elevated the recognition that healthy economies rely on healthy spring-flow rates and clean water — and that conservation is the most fiscally viable means to that end.