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Covid Is Rampant Among Deer, Research Shows

Covid is rampant among deer, research shows

Humans have infected wild deer with Covid-19 in a handful of states, and there’s evidence that the coronavirus has been spreading among deer, according to recent studies that outline findings that could complicate the path out of the pandemic. Read more from Evan Bush with NBC News here.

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Disturbing The Waters: Plan To Dredge Lakes Threatens A Scenic Hill Country Treasure

Disturbing the waters: Plan to dredge lakes threatens a scenic Hill Country treasure

Created by dams nearly a century ago, the Highland Lakes in the Hill Country long have been a haven for vacationers and second-home dwellers seeking a scenic escape from city life and the noisy disruptions of traffic and industry. Their serenity is about to be broken. Read more from Brian Chasnoff with San Antonio Express-News here.

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Saving ‘the Edge Of Night’: Starry-sky Admirers Fight Light Pollution In The Hill Country Amid Growth, Development

Saving ‘the edge of night’: Starry-sky admirers fight light pollution in the Hill Country amid growth, development

Chris Hill peered through the lens of the telescope in his backyard one cold night, looking into the sea of stars and galaxies that pepper the night sky like grains of sand. He walked to a pair of computers nearby and pressed a few buttons. A picture came into focus: a blue, transparent circle surrounded by rings of pink, red and orange popping out of a starry backdrop. It’s the Helix Nebula in the constellation Aquarius — 655 light-years away.…

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How To Be An Anti-racist Geoscience Organization

How to be an anti-racist geoscience organization

I’ve had this paper in the hopper for a while, waiting for the courage to write about it, in large part due to the controversy over Critical Race Theory but also — and perhaps primarily — because I am an old(ish), white, straight male fearful of saying (or writing) the wrong thing. But, as Dr. Ibram X. Kendi notes in his book How to be an Anti-Racist, it’s not enough to be non-racist — you have to be anti-racist. And,…

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How Cattle Ranchers Can Combat Climate Change

How cattle ranchers can combat climate change

Texas relies on the multibillion-dollar cattle industry for economic success and the conservation of our iconic landscape — the two are not mutually exclusive. Ranchers have a devotion to the land that sustains their livelihood, as it did for generations before them. This lifetime connection to the land is bringing ranchers and conservationists together to overcome the mounting challenges of climate change.   Read more from Meredith Ellis and Suzanne Scott with San Antonio Express-News here.

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Texas Innovation Corridor Future Development Project Launches

Texas Innovation Corridor future development project launches

Greater San Marcos Partnership (GSMP) and Watershed Partners, a program of WVWA, jointly launched the Texas Innovation Corridor (TxIC) Future Development project Nov. 15, celebrating funding approval in October from GSMP’s board matched equally by WVWA. The $43,000, five-month project will be executed by Siglo Group, led by Jonathan Ogren, to create a conservation and development decision support tool.   Read more from Robin Gary with Wimberley Watershed here.

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