Transmission Lines & Wind Farms

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Transmission Lines & Wind Farms

Recent legislation calls for the Public Utility Commission to transport wind energy from central/west Texas through the Hill Country to the I-35 corridor — but at what cost? Many Hill Country landowners have expressed concern about the effects of large transmission towers on or near their property. Entities such as the LCRA, who will be constructing these lines, will have the power to use eminent domain to secure easements. This is an ongoing process in which Hill Country landowners must have a voice.

HCA promotes fair compensation, a thoughtful, inclusive process for landowners and careful planning to minimize the adverse effects of the lines. Below you’ll find articles, links to citizen organizations and helpful documents. Scenic Texas says it well: “We believe that growth is inevitable, but ugliness is not.”

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions from Braun and Gresham

The Clearview Alliance (CVA) was an organization established to advocate for the least destructive path in the Hill Country when the Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) was introduced and massive transmission lines were being routed through the Hill Country. While the CVA organization no longer exists, HCA is now hosting their website which contains valuable resources, briefs, testimony, maps and news related to this issue. See

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