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HCA is Here to Stay – Give Now to Our Endowment!

The Hill Country Alliance Endowment Fund was created in 2009 to see to it that HCA would remain healthy and strong forever. We are recognized as the “go to” organization for long term conservation and responsible growth practices in the Texas Hill Country. The need for HCA will never go away.

One time gifts are welcome and very much appreciated. You may also visit with us about planned giving and the consideration of HCA for your living will. Contact Katherine directly about these opportunities.

Our endowment is held at the Austin Community Foundation, the heart of philanthropic giving in central Texas.

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Why HCA?

HCA is building the greatest collaboration the Hill Country has ever known and we need your help.

There simply is not an endless supply of clean water in our springs, creeks and lakes, nor endless hill country vistas, wide open spaces, rural landscapes or scenic roadways. The beauty and natural resources that make this region so precious to all Texans are at risk. Our population is growing, expanding and creating development pressures further and further outside of Austin and San Antonio. Ninety percent of new development is in unincorporated areas where regulations are weak or non-existent because of a lack of local planning and oversight authority. The consequence of the situation is irreversible damage that ultimately degrades property values, depletes our natural resources, hinders economic stability throughout the region, and leaves the quality of life for future generations at risk.

People become involved when issues hit close to home; wells run dry, transmission lines are proposed through private ranchlands, billboards multiply quickly on a favorite scenic road, lakes decline, springs stop flowing, industrial projects rob neighboring landowners of property value and quality of life and once clear creeks are no longer clean and swimmable. When this happens, HCA is ready to help by providing support, strength, resources and people connections.

While reacting to these situations is necessary, it’s the proactive work we do that offers hope. These are things we excel at and will continue to expand with your support:

We host conversations in all shapes and sizes to bring education and understanding between people of different interests, different values and different perspectives.
We have a broad scope geographically, covering 11 million acres in 17 counties, in order to foster big picture, regional thinking.

We are keenly focused on bridging gaps that keep people from finding solutions. We’re committed to breaking through the dividing lines that exist and between rural landowners and urban environmentalists, county lines, political parties and so on. Our work is to unite and educate people, “for the Hill Country”.

We help people understand how decisions relating to water, transportation, utilities and land use need to fit together and be coordinated, not just locally, but regionally.

We develop educational resources including our own very strong web presence, studies, newsletters, conferences, events, photography and maps in order to develop a more informed and active Hill Country community.

We take science seriously and involve the best regional scientists in our work.

We are becoming known as the “go to” organization for elected officials, the media, and the public on all issues related to growth in the Hill Country region.

We are a very lean and frugal organization, full of passion, spiritual energy and joyful optimism. Please join us.

Give now to HCA Endowment Fund