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America 2050 – A national initiative to develop a framework for America’s growth and development in the face of rapid population growth, demographic change, and infrastructure needs in the 21st century. A major focus of America 2050 is the emergence of megaregions – large networks of metropolitan areas, where most of the projected population growth by mid-century will take place – and how to organize governance, infrastructure investments, and land use planning at this new urban scale. America 2050 is an initiative of the Regional Plan Association and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

America’s Longleaf Pine Initiative – An ad hoc public-private partnership with a multi-state strategy to restore Longleaf pine forests in the southeast U.S.

Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor – A grassroots initiative blessed by Congress to protect the natural and cultural heritage of the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, along the 46-mile run of the river from Worcester, Mass. to Providence, R.I.

The Chattahoochee Hill Country Alliance – Nonprofit organization creating innovative ways to manage growth and preserve the environment in the Chattahoochee Region of Georgia

Clear Creek Watershed Foundation – Dedicated to improving the ecological, aesthetic, recreational and economic conditions in the Clear Creek Watershed through comprehensive efforts with watershed stakeholders.

Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan – A $7 billion inter-governmental effort for the nation’s most ambitious ecosystem restoration initiative, encompassing an 18,000-square-mile region of subtropical uplands, wetlands, and coral reefs from south of Orlando to the Florida Keys.

The Crown of the Continent Ecosystem Education Consortium Encourages and supports coordination and cooperation among individuals, organizations, and agencies whose purpose is to educate and inform people of all ages and backgrounds about the human and natural resources of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem.

Envision Utah – The Envision Utah approach of civic engagement has been replicated by dozens of regions around the country. How we grow will affect how we and our children will live. At Envision Utah, we don’t believe in sitting back and seeing where growth will take us. We seek to be visionary and actively secure our future.

Freedom to Roam – A coalition of business, government and conservation groups ensuring that wildlife can move, migrate, and adapt under the challenges of habitat fragmentation and a changing climate in North America.

Houston Tomorrow – A nonprofit whose mission is to improve the quality of life in the Houston region. Houston Tomorrow works toward a strong and healthy economy, community, and environment, with policies for growth that don’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs and pursue their dreams. The institute uses research, education, and discussion to inform citizens and decision makers about the best practices and ideas about urban development from around the world.

Kentucky Bluegrass Tomorrow – An 18 County initiative in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky

Land Choices – Help bring Conservation Subdivisions nationwide by educating landowners, local planners and officials.

Las Cienegas National Conservation Area – A shared decision-making authority authorized by Congress through the Bureau of Land Management and the Sonoita Valley Planning Partnership to manage public lands and resources across a high-desert basin and wildlife corridor across the Southwest and Northern Mexico.

Maryland Department of Planning – The Department of Planning in the State of Maryland is a fantastic example for planning, smart growth policy and community involvement.

New Jersey Pinelands Commission – Nonprofit organization reserving, protecting and enhancing the natural and cultural resources of the Pinelands National Reserve in New Jersey

Northeast Landscapes – A large landscape conservation initiative in the 13 state Northeast megaregion.

Platte River Cooperative Agreement and Implementation Program – A negotiated agreement for managing the river basin in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, to protect endangered species while allowing recreational water uses to continue.

Practitioners’ Network for Large Landscape Conservation – An alliance of professionals and citizens engaged in leading, managing, researching, advocating, funding, educating or setting policy to advance large landscape conservation initiatives.

The Race for Open Space – The decisions we make today on land-use will affect generations beyond our own children and grandchildren. New Jersey is in a race that will shape the future of our lives – a race between development and open space preservation.

Regional Plan Association (RPA) – Independent, not-for-profit regional planning organization that improves the quality of life and the economic competitiveness of the 31-county New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region through research, planning, and advocacy.

Roaring Fork Conservancy – Founded in November 1996 through a unique public-private partnership, Roaring Fork Conservancy has become one of the most respected watershed conservation organizations in Colorado.

Sustainable Napa County – Nonprofit organization bringing together Napa County business, agriculture, nonprofit, and government entities as part of a comprehensive, collaborative campaign for long term environmental, economic, and social sustainability in California.

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency – The nation’s first interstate land use authority to maintain environmental quality within the 500-square-mile Lake Tahoe Basin spanning Nevada andCalifornia, amid private development, tourism, ranching, and logging.

Tamarisk Coalition – Advancing the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.

Water Blues Green Solutions – Water Blues Green Solutions is a 60-minute documentary telling stories about real people solving their water blues with green solutions in four cities across the country.