Home 5 Acronyms

ACT – Alliance for a Clean Texas

BCRAGD – Bandera County River Authority & Ground Water District

BIG – Base Irrigation Groundwater

BPGCD – Blanco Pedernales Groundwater Conservation District

BSEACD – Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District

BMP – Best Management Practice

BRA – Brazos River Authority

CAMPO – Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

CAPCOG – Capital Area Council of Governments

CCGCD – Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District (Kendall County)

CCN – Certificate of Convenience and Necessity

COCS – Cost of Community Services

CREZ – Competitive Renewable Energy Zones

CTGCD – Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District (Burnet)

CTGCD – Comal – Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

CWA – Clean Water Act

CZ – Contributing Zone

DFC – Desired Future Condition

EAA – Edward Aquifer Authority

EARIP – Edwards Aquifer Recovery Implementation Plan

EDF – Environmental Defense Fund

ECT – Envision Central Texas

EP – Electro Purification

EPA – Environmental Protection Agency

ESA – Endangered Species Act

ETJ – Extra Territorial Jurisdiction

GAM – Groundwater Availability Model

GCD – Groundwater Conservation District

GEAA – Greater Edwards Aquifer Allinace

GBRA – Guadalupe – Blanco River Authority

GLO – General Land Office

GMA – Groundwater Management Area

GPCD – Gallons per capita per day

HCA – Hill Country Alliance

HCP – Habitat Conservation Plan

HCUWCD – Hill Country Underground Water Conservation District (Gillespie County)

HGCD – Headwaters Groundwater Conservation District (Kerr County)

HTGCD – Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

IDA – International Dark Sky Association

KCGCD – Kimble County Groundwater Conservation District

KCGCD – Kinney County Groundwater Conservation District

LCRA – Lower Colorado River Authority

LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LID – Low Impact Development

MAG – Modeled Available Groundwater

MCGCD – Medina County Groundwater Conservation District

MOA – Memorandum of Agreement

MOU – Memorandum of Understanding

MUD – Municipal Utility District

NCED – National Conservation Easements Database

NOI – Notice of Intent

NPS – Nonpoint Source

NRA – Nueces River Authority

NRCS – Natural Resources Conservation Service

PCGCD – Plum Creek Groundwater Conservation District (Hays, Caldwell County)

PDR – Purchase of Development Rights

PEC – Pedernales Electric Cooperative

PGMA – Priority Groundwater Management Area

PID – Public Improvement District

PUA – Public Utility Authority

PUC – Public Utility Commission

PUD – Planned Unit Development

PWS – Payments for Watershed Services

RECRD – Real – Edwards Conservation and Reclamation District

RSI – River Systems Institute

RWPG – Regional Water Planning Group

RZ – Recharge Zone

SARA – San Antonio River Authority

SAWS – San Antonio Water System

SHC – Stakeholder Committee

SOSCHE – Save our Scenic Hill Country Environment

SRP – Species Recovery Plan

SWP – State Water Plan

SwRI – Southwest Research Institute

SWTCGCD – Southwestern Travis County Groundwater Conservation District

TALT – Texas Agricultural Land Trust

TCEQ – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

TDR – Transfer of Development Rights

TEEB – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

TFB – Texas Farm Bureau

TFRPP – Texas Farm and Ranchland Protection Program

TGRGCD – Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District

TLAP – Texas Land Application Permits

TLTC – Texas Land Trust Council

TNC – The Nature Conservancy

TNRIS – Texas Natural Resources Information System

TPL – Trust for Public Land

TPWD – Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

TSSWCB – Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board

TWA – Texas Wildlife Association

TWC – Texas Water Code

TWCA – Texas Water Conservation Association

TWDB – Texas Water Development Board

UCUWCD – Uvalde County Underground Water Conservation District

UGRA – Upper Guadalupe River Authority

USDA – U.S. Department of Agriculture

USFWS – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

TWDB – Texas Water Development Board

UCUWCD – Uvalde County Underground Water Conservation District

WCID – Water Control and Improvement District

WHIP – Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program

WPO – Watershed Protection Ordinance

WPP – Watershed Protection Program/Plan

WSEP – Water Supply Enhancement Program

WTPUA – West Travis Public Utility Agency

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