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Spring Water Revival: Splash into learning, spring into action!

Presented by the Hill Country Alliance

Mark your calendars and get planning for the third annual Spring Water Revival – a month-long, springtime celebration of water in the Hill Country. In April of 2024, we will dive into the many ways water revives our communities, spirits, and our hope for the future through programming that focuses on education, outreach, and action. Join us for events, activities, and news celebrating the Hill Country’s water—one of our most precious resources.

After ten years hosting the Rainwater Revival – a family-friendly, one-day event – the Hill Country Alliance has expand beyond rainwater to highlight the many ways water revives, renews, and reconnects us with community and place. This month-long campaign covers all things water – from our region’s iconic rivers and swimming holes to the groundwater beneath our feet to the very infrastructure bringing water to your sink.

Explore Water Resources

The goal of the Spring Water Revival is not just to celebrate our clear and flowing Hill Country waters, but also to educate community members about their local water resources and highlight ways to get involved. Below, we have compiled recent – and timeless – water-related resources for folks across the Hill Country. Click here to find more water resources.

Water-wise Landscaping Ordinances

In the Texas Hill Country, up to 70% of potable water is used for landscaping, especially in the summer. This presents a huge opportunity to conserve water by shifting landscaping practices in the region. By implementing landscaping ordinances that promote water-wise landscapes, cities can achieve huge water savings and maximize the long-term sustainability of the community’s water resources and outdoor spaces.

Tools for Managing Groundwater in the Texas Hill Country

This resource from the Hill Country Alliance – created in May 2023 – is meant to demystify the available tools for groundwater management and make groundwater planning and management more accessible across the Hill Country.

Wondrous Wicking Gardens

Now is a great time to point out how awesome a wicking garden can be! Wicking gardens allow you to conserve time and water while letting your plants thrive. Learn about the wonders of wicking gardens and get some tips on how to spice up your own backyard garden in this special feature.

One Water Guidebook

A Guidebook for Connecting Communities with Projects and Professionals

The Hill Country Alliance is working with National Wildlife Federation and partners to promote and educate on One Water throughout the Hill County. This guidebook, a joint project of our organizations, is intended to connect Hill Country communities facing growth and increased demands for water with water professionals experienced with One Water strategies, planning, implementation, design and construction. We interviewed engineers, architects, planners and landscape designers to gain insight into the realities of One Water projects, and within these pages feature the 14 selected professionals along with an example project each completed in Texas.

Water Resource Myths and Truths

Water resources are among the Hill Country’s most fragile assets and they are in jeopardy. Thousands of free-flowing springs feed our creeks and rivers with clean, cool water — contributing to the long-term health, quality of life and economic vitality of this region. As more people move to the Texas Hill Country, it is important to dispel the common and long-held misperceptions relating to Central Texas’ water resources and to keep our attention on the importance of clean, flowing water.

Seizing the Moment

In November 2021, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was signed into law resulting in $2.9 billion specifically for Texas' water infrastructure improvements. This video shares 5 things you should to know and explains why your community should take advantage of this opportunity!

Navigating the TCEQ Wastewater Permitting Process

Wastewater is one of the biggest challenges facing the Hill Country. In this recording, from a February 2023 event with Hill Country Alliance, Save Barton Creek Association, and the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, attorney Lauren Ice joined us for an interactive conversation on how to navigate the TCEQ wastewater permitting process.

Upcoming Events

In 2024, the Hill Country Alliance is planning several events with community partners across the Hill Country. Click below to learn more!

Join the Celebration!

In 2024, we can’t wait to see what YOU create! HCA will be working with partners across the region to encourage grassroots action in local communities, sharing graphic resources, and helping to make this year even bigger. Residents and communities are also encouraged to get involved and take action by passing proclamations to annually acknowledge and affirm the importance of water – one of the Hill Country’s most precious natural resources.

If you are interested in hosting or supporting a Spring Water Revival event, please contact HCA’s Water Program Manager, Marisa Bruno (marisa@hillcountryalliance.org).

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The Spring Water Revival is an initiative of the Hill Country Alliance Water Program. Contact Marisa Bruno, Water Program Manager for questions, events, and ways to get involved.