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The Hill Country Alliance

The Hill Country Alliance (HCA) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to raise public awareness and build community support around the need to preserve the natural resources and heritage of the Central Texas Hill Country.

HCA is an “amazing organization which connects fragmented groups of folks who share a common energy, and then lets the sparks fly and new life come into important topics affecting the Hill Country.” ~ Paul Sumrall, Rice Construction Company, HCA Advisory Board Member, Blanco County; November, 2011

Why was HCA organized?

HCA was formed in response to the escalating challenges brought to the Texas Hill country by rapid development occurring in a sensitive eco-system. Concerned citizens began meeting in September of 2004 to share ideas about strengthening community activism and educating the public about water supply issues, scenic and night sky protection, land conservation and a more responsible approach growth in the Hill Country.

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Who is HCA?

We have a passionate and diverse board of directors and advisers with experience and expertise in land stewardship, scenic protection, groundwater supply, county authority, subdivision rules, public and private land conservation, land planning, grassroots organizing and more. Issue teams, made up of community volunteers and partner organizations prove energy and expertise on targeting issues. We also have a growing number of supporters who pass along information to a network of more than 7,000 Central Texans.

What does HCA believe?

The Hill Country Alliance promotes responsible and planned growth in a region under tremendous pressure to urbanize. We are neighbors who work cooperatively with landowners, ranchers, conservationists, developers and elected officials to preserve the water quality, water supply and natural beauty of our community. We believe a strong economic future for this region depends on our ability to direct growth in a way that conserves the very resources that make the Texas Hill Country such a desirable place to live. We encourage an open, fair and public process where citizens, neighborhoods and landowners participate in key decisions that will determine the future of our community.

What does HCA do?

Since the beginning, HCA’s primary activity has been to reach out to inform citizens about current issues relating to growth and development in the Texas Hill Country. As our region has experienced growing pains, we’ve been able to help individuals and  community groups by sharing resources and information. We host community meetings
about current issues and participate in many regional planning activities. HCA authors and publishes position papers on our Web site which are appropriate and pertinent to our mission. Additionally, we serve as a resource about Hill Country issues for elected officials at state and local levels, and we collaborate regularly with land trusts, universities, groundwater districts, government agencies, environmental groups and landowners.

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