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The Hill Country View is a 60-90 second radio feature packed with information about caring for the natural resources and cultural heritage of the Hill Country.HCA explores the critical issues facing the Hill County today with topics of high interest to residents and visitors of this unique region. The program offers ideas and information on ways to grow that promote economic vitality, and preserve the natural resources and heritage of this special region. Hill Country View is brought to you by Hill Country Alliance. The program airs weekdays during Morning Edition and All Things Considered on Texas Public Radio KTXI-90.1FM in the Hill Country. Click on any title below to listen to these friendly, easy-to-understand, 90-second features.

60 Second Radio Spots – 2019

Pipeline Potential Land Impacts


Pipeline Raises Questions of Landowner Rights


Pipeline Raises Concerns for Water Resources


Riparian Recovery After the Flood


Blanco River Recovering


Freshwater Mussels


Guadalupe Bass After the Flood


Arundo Donax Update


Access to Texas Rivers


Fish Barriers


60 Second Radio Spots – 2017

Ants Benefit Habitat


Aquatic Invaders


Axis Deer


Blanco River Bass


Chinaberry Trees


Conservation Mowing


Conserve Working Lands


Development and the River


Endangered Mussels


Freshwater Inflows


Guadalupe Bass


Keep the Sky Dark


Kills and Spills


Monarch Butterflies


Nature Tourism


Native Fish Conservation


Paddling Trails


Pedernales Conservation


Pedernales Falls


Pedernales Watershed


Pull Kill Plant Success Story


Rainwater Beer


River Access


Sewage Disposal


Star Parties


Surface & Groundwater


TPWD Master Naturalist


Texas Rivers Plate


Wildlife Diversity


Zebra Mussels


60 Second Radio Spots – 2016

Axis Dear


Communities We Love


Conservation Tax Incentive


Edge of Night


Edwards Aquifer Authority


Eminent Domain




Groundwater Pumping


Hill Country Network


Indian Blankets


Land Conservation




No-Till Farming


No Wind Farms


Parks, Nature, and Your Brain


Planting Wildflowers


Rainwater Harvesting


Riparian Guides


River Recovery


Texas Landscape Project


Urban Farms




UT Study


60 Second Radio Spots – 2015

Aquifer Balance

Aquifer Recharge

Aquifer Smart

Bastard Cabbage

Better Lights for Starry Nights

Birds of Prey Rescue

Brush Control

Catastrophic Floods

Creeks and Streams

Ecosystem Services

Elevated Highways

Flash Flood Alley

Healthy Riparian

Healthier Diet

Instream Flows

Land Conservation

Lone Star Nation

Monarchs and Milkweed

Municipal Water Use

Pioneers Youth Leadership

Playing in Nature

Plenty of Water

Protect the Warbler

Protecting Public Good

Rainwater Harvesting

Saving Monarchs

School Rainwater Harvesting

Smart Watering

Soil for Water

Starry Skies

State Park Funding

State Water Grid

Storm Recovery

Sustainable Sites

Teaming with Wildlife

The Pedernales

Traffic Solutions

Water is not a Commodity

Water Policy

Water Resources

60 Second Radio Spots – 2014

Aldo Leopold

Aquifer Storage and Recovery

Bats Vital

Become a Master Naturalist

Cedar Removal

Controlling Oak Wilt

Culvert Design

Drought and Flooding

Dormant Seeds

Eco Districts

El Niño

Emerald Ash Borer




Exotic Animals

Feral Hog Damage

Food Plots for Deer

Gallons per Capita per Day

Grassland Myth


Groundwater Conservation

Guadalupe Bass

Habitat Mosaic

Heritage Trees

Hill Country Science Mill

Invasive Giant Reed

Landowner Incentive

Leaky Pipes

Light Pollution

Living with Karst

Love Your Water

Mining Aquifers

Natives or Not

Night Sky

Our Desired Future

Photo Points

San Marcos Rainwater Rebate

Seed Bank

Storm Water Runoff

Sustainable San Antonio

Texas Stream Team

The Cost of Water

The Problem with Reservoirs

Water Conservation

Water Reuse

Water Saving Landscapes

Well Monitoring

Wildlife Management Area

Wildlife Valuation

60 Second Radio Spots – 2012

Benefits of NatureBuilding a Green Home

Building Community

Business Values Community

Clean Water & Land Preservation

Cluster Developments

Community Gardens

Density Right for Towns

Development Cost and Benefits

Do More to Preserve Water

Don’t Overwater Landscape

Drought Rain for Ranchers

EcoRise Youth Innovations

Farmers Market

Future Water Supply

Get Outdoors

Groundwater & Surface Water

Health & Light Pollution

Health Costs of Urban Sprawl

Healthy Watersheds

Herff Farm at Cibolo

High Capasity Transit

Hill Country Roads

Hydro Illogical Cycle – When It Rains

Incidental Take & HCP

It’s About the Soil

Land Conservation and Public Health

Land Trust for Balance

LANDS Natural Resource Classroom

Landowner Incentive

LCRA Creekside Grant

Llano River Protection

Master Naturalist

Mulching Into Summer

Native Grasses

Native Plants

Night Sky Coop

Nonpoint Source

Open Space Planet

Organic Farming Benefits

Pollinators & Food Supply

Population Growth

Preserving Natural Areas Working Lands

Preserving Scenic Byways

Preventing Soil Erosion

Proximate Principle

Rainwater Harvesting Revielle

Rainwater: Potable Uses

Reclaiming Wastewater

Resist Hydro Illogical Cycle

Riparian Magic

Resilient Communities

San Antonio Sustainability

School Gardens

Sprawl Infrastructure

Sustainable San Antonio

Towns Plan Growth & Preservation

Water Management Prosperity

Water Shortages Plan

Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfire Prevention

90 Second Radio Spots

2030 ReportAustin Native Landscape Incentive

Backyard Gardens

Balance Needed With Growth

Best Land Use



Bird Count & Health of Land

Business Values Community

Catch the Rain

Cedar Removal One Tool

Children and Nature

Children Need Nature

Conservation Development

Conservation Easements

County Authority HB3265

County Commissioners

Cowboy Capital & Growth

Dark Skies

Desired Future Condition

Drop by Drop

Drought & Saving Water at Home

Drought Growth Water

Drought Rain for Ranchers

Energy Production Takes Toll

Environmental Flow Process

Environmental Flows

Farm and Ranch Land Management Plan

Green Roofs

Groundwater Management

Habitat Conservation

Health Cost of Urban Sprawl

Hill Country Transportation

Hydro Atlas

Hydro Illogical Cycle

Hydro Illogical Cycles – When it Rains

Innovative Water Conservation

Invasive Species

Jacobs Well Natural Area

Jacobs Well Stopped Flowing

Karst Topography

Kerrville Visitors Survey

Land Conservation & Public Health

Land Stewardship

Land Stewardship Water Supply

Land Trust for Water

Land Use Trends


Locally Grown

Master Naturalist

Native Grasses

Native Lawns

Nature Tourism

Nonpoint Source Polution

Open Space Planet


Prescribed Fire

Preserving Land Pays

Preserving Natural Habitat

Preserving Natural Heritage

Preventing Water Runoff

Protecting Edwards Aquifer

Protecting our Springs

Proximate Principle

Public Services & Sprawl

Quality Night Light

Rainwater Harvesting

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Resilience in Agriculture

Resilient Communities

Reuse Development

Riparian Magic

Riparian Stewardship

San Antonio Water Program

School Gardens

Sediment Water Threat

Sense of Place

Sustainable Site

Transmission Line Decision

Transmission Line Routes

Transmission Lines Revised


Trinity Aquifer

True Meaning of Land Stewardship

Urban Sprawl and Infrastructure Costs

Urban Sprawl and Obesity

Water Down the Drain

Water Monitoring

Water Rights

Watershed Stewards

What is Smart Growth

Wind Energy Transmission Not Green

Wind Farms

Wind Farms and Land