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Local, Sustainable Agriculture

Well-managed, sustainable farms are good for the land, and food grown locally is fresher and more nutritious. Produce often loses a significant portion of its nutrients within a few days — days probably spent on a truck or a plane. At the farmers’ market, you know that bright yellow squash was picked within the last day or two. You might even get a recipe along with it — or a chance to meet the farmer who grew it.

Farmers’ markets are generally open a few days week, and some are held right at the farm. Through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), you can buy a subscription to receive a box of seasonal produce every week or two during the growing season, directly supporting local farmers. Food co-ops operate the same way, but provide food from more than one local farm and may offer other items with group discounts.

When you buy food from your local farmer, you also play a critical role in preserving open space and the cultural heritage of the Hill Country. Texas is rapidly losing prime agricultural land to development. By purchasing food grown in the Hill Country, we can help keep local farmers and ranchers in business.

List of Hill Country Farmers Markets and Market Days

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