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February 2013 News Archive

February 26, 2013 Leurig: Conservation is conservative approach to solving Texas water problems Testimony to the drought of 2011 is still all around us — dried-up reservoirs in West Texas, purposeless docks on the parched Pedernales River. On the heels of the drought, the idea of seeding a fund to meet the next 50 years of Texas’ water supply needs is a hard idea to pass up. But before we pluck that money from the state’s rainy day fund, let’s…

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Approves EARIP Habitat Conservation Plan

"Approval of the EARIP's HCP marks a significant conservation achievement for the Edwards Aquifer Region," stated Southwest Regional Director Benjamin Tuggle. "The organizations and individuals involved in the development of the HCP clearly demonstrated that it is possible to come together and develop a consensus based solution to a very complex water issue in Texas." Read More

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