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May 2013 News Archive

May 31, 2013 Texas rainwater harvesting at a crossroads - a town hall meeting, June 15 H.B. 2062 as introduced could have set rainwater harvesting back ten years. But because of the dedicated work of a small group of rainwater professionals, the worst of H.B. 2062 (for the rainwater community) appears to have been struck. Next time could be different – very different, and very bad. A forum has been scheduled to begin organizing for effective, pro-active, rainwater harvesting advocacy…

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2013 Drought news

September 29, 2013 Running Dry Express-News staff photographer Bob Owen and staff writer Richard Oliver traveled the state from May through September to tell the stories of people whose lives have been changed by the drought. Read the four-part series. July 24, 2013 Texas Drought Forecast to Continue, Perhaps For Years National meteorologists expect the drought to continue or worsen through late summer and early fall in Texas, and ocean patterns are troublingly similar to those during the “drought of record”…

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