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Supporting Local Hill Country Producers

Supporting local Hill Country producers

During these unprecedented times, it’s especially important to support and invest in our local communities. One way to do this is with our food choices. You can help local businesses bounce back from economic downturns and invest in the overall resiliency of your community by buying from Hill Country farmers and producers.  Farmers’ Markets often meet weekly - typically outdoors - and are a great way to be exposed to your region’s local producers. Food cooperatives (often just called co-ops)…

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Hill Country Alliance Board Member: A View From The Hill Country

Hill Country Alliance Board Member: A view from the Hill Country

The world has changed. In the span of 90 days, an unlikely viral emissary from Mother Nature has issued forth from a market in Wuhan, China and spread across the globe with dizzying speed and crushing effect. Who could have thought such a tiny, invisible strand of RNA with a flimsy protein coat arranged in a crown-like array, quite pretty on electron microscopy, could wreak so much havoc? We are now finding out. There is currently a concerted worldwide effort…

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KXAN Investigation Uncovers Safety Concerns Over Pipes Used In Kinder Morgan’s Permian Highway Pipeline

KXAN investigation uncovers safety concerns over pipes used in Kinder Morgan’s Permian Highway Pipeline

A tip led us to a storage yard holding hundreds of pipeline segments in Blanco. The segments will become the Permian Highway Pipeline. The group fighting the pipeline is concerned the anti-corrosion coating on the pipes has been outside, uncovered for far too long. Kinder Morgan — the pipeline owner — tells KXAN its handling of the pipeline construction will “meet or exceed state and federal requirements.” Our investigation found there are no regulations to determine how long is too…

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Supreme Court Gives Environmentalists Partial Water Law Win

Supreme Court gives environmentalists partial water law win

The U.S. Supreme Court gave environmentalists a partial win on the scope of the Clean Water Act, ruling that the law applies to some pollution discharges that don’t go directly into a major body of water. The 6-3 decision Thursday told a federal appeals court to reconsider its conclusion that a Hawaii water-treatment facility violated the law with wastewater discharges that travel underground a half mile to the Pacific Ocean. But the high court majority set a standard that will…

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Speak Now Please! Together We Can Save Our Hill Country Future, Not Pave It!

Speak now please! Together we can save our Hill Country future, not pave it!

The next Hays County Commissioners’ Court meeting is TUESDAY, April 28th at 9:00 AM - please contact the following elected officials in advance to state your views! (512) 393-2205; (512) 262-2091; (512) 393-8091; (512) 393-2243; (512) 847-3159; (512) 858-7268 You can also send a message to the entire 23 member CAMPO board by clicking here.  It’s truly amazing how much our Hill Country community of Hays, Blanco and Gillespie counties have come together to oppose Kinder Morgan’s Permian Highway pipeline. Uniting against this existential, external threat has…

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Permission Revoked By County For Pipeline To Cross Under Roadways

Permission revoked by County for pipeline to cross under roadways

The commissioners court on Tuesday voted to revoke permission for the energy giant to cross any roads in the county. The unanimous vote came after a lengthy executive session and the motion was made by Pct. 3 Commissioner Lon Shell. It was in Shell’s precinct that contractors on the Permian Highway Pipeline (PHP) hit a karst feature on March 28 while attempting a horizontal bore under the Blanco River. That resulted in the spillage of thousands of gallons of drilling…

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State And Regional Flood Planning: The Future Of Flood Resilience In Texas

State and regional flood planning: the future of flood resilience in Texas

Starting in 2020, Texas stakeholders will have the opportunity to determine the best flood mitigation strategies for their region through a process called “flood planning.” Regional Flood Planning Groups (RFPG) will lead this effort, as prescribed by Senate Bill 8 which was passed by Texas Legislature in 2019. Flood planning regions will correspond with 15 major Texas rivers and coastal basins delineated by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). Based on the current draft rules, each RFPG will be composed…

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Higher Temperatures For 2020 Warns Of Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Growth

Higher temperatures for 2020 warns of Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) growth

Warmer weather means warmer water, which is a catalyst for the overgrowth of highly toxic blue-green algae known as cyanobacteria harmful algal blooms or cyanoHABs in ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Statistically, the warmer the weather, the worse the cyanoHABs. The forecast for summer 2020 is set to see unusually warm weather. Data from the National Oceanic and Administration Agency (NOAA) shows that to the end of March, temperatures are tracking close to 2016 levels, which was the hottest year on…

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‘Mega-drought’ Could Be In Store For Texas, Western U.S.

‘Mega-drought’ could be in store for Texas, western U.S.

The American West is well on its way into one of the worst mega-droughts on record, a new study warns, a dry period that could last for centuries and spread from Oregon and Montana, through the Four Corners and into West Texas and northern Mexico. Several other mega-droughts, generally defined as dry periods that last 20 years or more, have been documented in the West going back to about 800 A.D. In the new study, the researchers, using an extensive…

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Don’t Touch The Wildlife. Seriously.

Don’t touch the wildlife. Seriously.

With more people enjoying the outdoors and working from home this April, you may start to notice more wildlife in your backyard, neighborhood or surrounding area. Species including birds, deer and snakes are active this time of year and their young often stray or appear to be abandoned. But wildlife experts caution against lending a helping hand. The deer fawning season begins in early to mid-May. A newborn fawn’s mottled coat and mother’s care usually hides them from predators. But…

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