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Water Nonprofit To Begin Work In Texas

Water nonprofit to begin work in Texas

The Water Finance Exchange (WFX) has announced the launch of a new fund to expand its work throughout Texas and address funding shortages of water infrastructure projects. Beginning in early 2022, WFX’s revolving Texas Pre-Development Fund will issue below-market, low interest loans and provide advisory support to communities seeking to fund adequate drinking water and wastewater infrastructure. Read more from WaterWorld here.

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County Vote Helps Pave Way For Lily Ranch Subdivision Near Balcones Creek

County vote helps pave way for Lily Ranch subdivision near Balcones Creek

An unpopular new housing project slightly north of the Bexar-Kendall county line cleared a significant hurdle last month after Kendall County commissioners reluctantly approved a slew of variances. Titled Lily Ranch, the development at full build-out would comprise 500 homes on 120 acres located off Old Fredericksburg Road, right next to Balcones Creek. Downstream, Balcones Creek joins Cibolo Creek, an important recharge stream for the Edwards Aquifer. Blanketing creekside land with new asphalt, concrete, and rooftops will inevitably increase flood…

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Helotes Canyon Watershed’s Future At Stake With Guajolote Tract Decision

Helotes Canyon watershed’s future at stake with Guajolote Tract decision

Helotes Canyon northwest of San Antonio has seen its share of small-scale development, but the water in Helotes Creek still flows clear and plentiful as it makes its way downstream toward the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. But with developer Lennar Homes planning the canyon’s densest development yet — a 3,000-home subdivision on a 1,160-acre property — this could all change in only a few years. Could Helotes Creek become yet another dead Hill Country stream, choked with algae and sediment,…

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This Water Is My Water

This water is my water

An old fight over water is coming to a boil in Central Texas, a fight with all the conflict and character of an old western movie. There are farmers up in arms and big-city charmers, empire builders and nervous politicians. The very life of the prettiest river in Texas is in jeopardy, and numerous endangered species are at risk. So, some say, is progress.   Read more from this archived Texas Monthly article written by Al Reinert for the November…

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Water Worries In Texas, Worldwide As Weather Extremes Multiply

Water worries in Texas, worldwide as weather extremes multiply

Water worries are a central element of growing concerns about climate change, which sometimes contributes to meteorological situations with far too much rain and sometimes to others with way too little. Either way, both flooding and drought/heat wave conditions, along with other extremes like brutally cold weather, can tax water utilities and heighten the difficulties for those that manage their crucial infrastructure.   Read more from Bill Dawson with Texas Climate News here.

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Expert Says A $3 Billion Infusion Won’t Solve The State’s Water Infrastructure Problems — ‘but It’s A Good Start’

Expert says a $3 billion infusion won’t solve the state’s water infrastructure problems — ‘but it’s a good start’

Water infrastructure systems across Texas are falling into disrepair. This year, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the state’s drinking water infrastructure the not-so satisfactory grade of a C-minus. And as Texas’ population continues to grow, experts say the demand on water systems will only increase. The new federal infrastructure plan signed into law by President Biden this week could offer some relief. The bill will send at least $3 billion to Texas over the next five years to…

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Texas Groundwater Supplies In Danger, Reports Say

Texas groundwater supplies in danger, reports say

Across Texas, groundwater is being pumped out of aquifers so quickly that more wells are in danger of going dry, and more springs and surface water may begin to dry up, according to two reports released on Tuesday. Statewide, Texas is losing groundwater at nearly twice the maximum sustained rate — and according to plans already pending with local management agencies, that rate is likely to increase in coming years unless officials change course.   Read more on the WaterWorld…

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Fahrenheit 140 – Texas Climate Predictions And Potty Training Cows

Fahrenheit 140 – Texas Climate Predictions and Potty Training Cows

What weather extremes can Texans expect to see into 2036? How can we prepare for the intensifying natural disasters that Texas is experiencing? Hosts Robert Mace and Carrie Thompson talk with Texas State Climatologist Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon to get the answers to these questions and discuss findings from his latest report on future climate trends in Texas.   Listen to the second episode of Fahrenheit 140 here.

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Talk+water: Kyle Garmany

talk+water: Kyle Garmany

Texas+Water Editor-in-Chief Dr. Todd Votteler interviews Kyle Garmany, Water and Agriculture Program Director for the Texas chapter of the Nature Conservancy. In his role at the Nature Conservancy, Garmany is responsible for developing innovative strategies to alleviate water scarcity and protect the ecological integrity of the rivers, bays, and estuaries of the state. His work includes the development of partnerships with agricultural producers to decrease water use and the execution of environmental water transactions to meet instream and environmental flow…

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Watershed Association Purchases 74 Acres Of Dry Cypress For Recharge Protection

Watershed Association Purchases 74 acres of Dry Cypress for Recharge Protection

The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) finalized the purchase of 74 acres adjacent to the Colemans Canyon Preserve on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.  This purchase secures critical recharge area for the Middle Trinity Aquifer and is within the catchment area for Jacob’s Well.   Read more from the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association here.

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