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Texas Railroad Commission Investigating Kinder Morgan For ‘multiple’ Erosion Complaints

Texas Railroad Commission investigating Kinder Morgan for ‘multiple’ erosion complaints

The railroad commission said the complaints are regarding erosion control, and spokesperson R.J. DeSilva says “our investigation of the complaints is to ensure Kinder Morgan is in compliance with those commission rules.” He said the complaints starting coming in May 13. Following severe weather on May 15 and 16, Myra Corbett, a landowner in Blanco County, said her land has been affected by runoff and erosion due to the pipeline. She said she and another Blanco County landowner filed complaints…

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Conservation And Reuse Of Reclaimed Wastewater: A Marriage Of Necessity

Conservation and reuse of reclaimed wastewater: A marriage of necessity

As the population of Texas increases and requires a more abundant water supply, big decisions loom regarding new water sources, growing volumes of wastewater effluent, and the impacts on our land, environment, and other species in which we coexist. A new way of thinking is taking root since traditional approaches to water management are generally viewed as deficient in the face of current water-related challenges. It promises a more viable, alternative approach. One Water is not an entirely new concept,…

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Hays County Parks & Open Space Advisory Commission Call For Projects

Hays County Parks & Open Space Advisory Commission call for projects

The Hays County Parks and Open Space Advisory Commission (POSAC) is now accepting project ideas for parks, open space and natural areas from cities, nonprofit organizations, homeowner associations, and other groups or individuals who see specific needs for their communities and for the county as a whole.  In February 2020 the Hays County Commissioners Court recognized the need for additional public park lands and conservation spaces in Hays County and established the POSAC to provide a democratic, public process to…

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Texas Parks And Wildlife Commission Awards $3.71 Million In Recreational Trail Grants To Texas Communities

Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission awards $3.71 million in recreational trail grants to Texas communities

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved $3.71 million dollars in grants to fund 22 motorized and non-motorized recreational trail-related projects across the state. The National Recreational Trails Fund (NRTF) funds recreational trail construction, renovation and acquisition. The grants are funded from a portion of the federal gas tax generated by gasoline purchases for off-road motorcycles and four-wheelers. Thirty percent of the total NRTF grants must be earmarked for motorized recreational trails, while another 30 percent must be spent on…

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SOS Reaches Agreement With Stratus Properties Over New Project, Protecting Land In The Barton Springs Zone

SOS reaches agreement with Stratus Properties over new project, protecting land in the Barton Springs Zone

Stratus Properties (“Stratus”) owns some of the largest areas of land within the Barton Springs Zone. They own land all throughout Southwest Austin, including the site of the notorious 4,000-acre Barton Creek PUD, which was the catalyst of the SOS movement 30 years ago, when more than 800 Austin residents rallied to protect Barton Springs from overdevelopment. Oftentimes, the inherent conflict between developer profits and our mission to protect the water quality of Barton Springs and the Edwards Aquifer puts…

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April Sansom Selected To Lead Selah Bamberger Ranch

April Sansom selected to lead Selah Bamberger Ranch

Selah Bamberger Ranch Preserve is pleased to announce the selection of a new executive director to lead the nonprofit into the future. Selah’s board of directors has unanimously selected April Sansom for the position. Sansom will assume her new duties on June 11. “My vision for Selah has always been that it will be around for generations to come, teaching the lesson that given the chance, nature can heal itself,” said Bamberger, who will turn 92 on June 11. “We’ve…

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Kinder Morgan Crew Punctures Vista Ridge Water Pipeline

Kinder Morgan crew punctures Vista Ridge water pipeline

A crew working on an energy pipeline punctured the Vista Ridge water pipeline in Caldwell County Thursday while digging in the area, said a San Antonio Water System official. The crew members were working on the Permian Highway Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline for Kinder Morgan, a Houston energy infrastructure company. The Vista Ridge pipeline pumps in water to San Antonio from underground aquifers just northeast of Austin. Read more from Jackie Wang with The Rivard Report here.

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Analysis: Coronavirus Could Threaten Local Property Tax Limits

Analysis: Coronavirus could threaten local property tax limits

A law passed less than a year ago requires cities and counties to get approval from voters any time they’re increasing property tax revenue by more than 3.5%. The old restriction was 8% — an increase that lawmakers decided was too generous, especially at a time when voters were boiling mad about rising property taxes. They did leave open some exceptions, though. Local governments don’t have to seek voter approval for increases of more than 3.5% that are attributable to…

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‘Meandering’ Restores Twists And Turns On Lambert Creek In Ramsey County

‘Meandering’ restores twists and turns on Lambert Creek in Ramsey County

A  portion of Lambert Creek prone to flooding in eastern Ramsey County is being reshaped into a meandering stream, the latest attempt to restore metro area rivers that have become polluted ditches... “Almost 50 percent of stream channels across the state have been altered — mostly by straightening,” said Jamison Wendel, stream habitat supervisor with the Fish and Wildlife Division of the state Department of Natural Resources. “There was a lot of ditching that occurred in the early 1900s. It…

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Planning For Our State’s Water Future In The Midst Of A Pandemic – You Have A Unique Opportunity For Your Voice To Be Heard!

Planning for our State’s water future in the midst of a pandemic – You have a unique opportunity for your voice to be heard!

Planning for the future is always a challenge – even more so in the midst of a pandemic. Texans currently are coping with the uncertainties of the Covid-19 crisis – financial hardships, continuing hospitalizations and deaths, the impacts of “reopening” the economy while the virus spreads – focused on the next several months, not looking 50 years ahead. However, the Covid-19 crisis may be a relatively short-term period in history, albeit one with profound impacts for years to come. On…

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