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TPWD Announces New Paddler Camp Sites On Iconic Devils River

TPWD Announces New Paddler Camp Sites on Iconic Devils River

The Devils River is one of the premier paddling and fishing destinations in Texas, drawing outdoor enthusiasts each year to enjoy the preserved natural beauty, excellent sport fishery, and native wildlife along its clear waters. But the river is not for the faint of heart. “Due to the remote location of the Devils River, safe, reliable, and legal camp sites on the river are in short supply,” said Joe Joplin, Devils River State Natural Area superintendent. “The average paddler doesn’t…

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At Davis Mountains Preserve, Explore A ‘sky Island’

At Davis Mountains Preserve, explore a ‘sky island’

  “You don’t need an understanding of biodiversity or ecosystems to be struck by how unique the Davis Mountains are when you drive into them,” says Laura Huffman, State Director of the Nature Conservancy in Texas. A few years after the purchase of that first chunk of preserve land, the Nature Conservancy established the nearly 5,000-acre Madera Canyon Preserve a few miles away. Then, in 2004, it bought the 10,000-acre strip of land that separated the parcels, creating a contiguous…

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Western Cities Try To Cut Light Pollution

Western cities try to cut light pollution

The next best chance for Westerners to see shooting stars is coming soon, between April 16 and 25, when the Lyrids meteor shower, one of the oldest known, will streak across the sky after midnight. In May the Eta Aquariids arrive, followed by the Delta Aquariids in July, and then the most spectacular of the year — the Perseids, fast, bright meteors, up to 200 an hour during Aug. 12 to 13, and the Geminids, kid-friendly because they show up…

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Texas Tribune Q&A With HCA’s Katherine Romans

Texas Tribune Q&A with HCA’s Katherine Romans

HCA Executive Director, Katherine Romans, discusses water issues facing our region in this week's Trib+Water Q&A. "The Hill Country is really a region of extremes, where it goes from serious droughts to catastrophic flooding in an incredibly short period of time. We’re also seeing increased population growth; it’s projected to double over the next 35 years or so. The biggest challenge is going to be keeping people aware of the limitations of water resources. It’s easy to engage the public…

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South Llano River State Park Earns Dark Sky Status

South Llano River State Park earns dark sky status

Looking for darkness, shooting stars and comets? Head to South Llano River State Park, which just became the third state park in Texas – along with Copper Breaks State Park and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area – with International Dark-Sky Park status. South Llano River State Park earns a “3” on the Bortle Scale, which ranks skies from 1 to 9, with one for the darkest skies and nine for the least dark, according to a press release from the…

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Proactive Stakeholder Collaboration Aims To Benefit Freshwater Mussels in Texas

Freshwater mussels may lack charisma, as they look like nothing more than rocks. But that belies the natural wonders of their life-history and their incredibly important role in the ecology of streams and the people and economies that rely on the same water. Work getting underway in Texas holds promise for mussels in most need. On February 7, 2017, more than 100 stakeholders gathered in Austin, Texas, to hear from top State and Federal officials about research focused on four…

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What Is The Future Of Water In Texas?

What is the Future of Water in Texas?

LISTEN: State Representative Lyle Larson from San Antonio joins Robert Puente, President and CEO of San Antonio Water System; Blair Calvert Fitzsimons, CEO of the Texas Agricultural Land Trust; and Meredith Miller, Senior Programs Coordinator for The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment to discuss the future of Texas water on TPR's The Source. As the state legislative session rolls on, water is never far off the agenda. State Representative Lyle Larson from San Antonio says water will be his…

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Spicewood Area Project Calls For More Than 3,000 Homes

Spicewood area project calls for more than 3,000 homes

A $150 million project is expected to bring thousands of new rooftops and other development to the Spicewood area over the next 15 to 20 years — one of the largest master-planned communities proposed in recent years for a growing part of Central Texas. The 2,200-acre Thomas Ranch development is planned for 2,200 acres off Texas 71 and Paleface Ranch Road, on property that straddles parts of western Travis and eastern Burnet counties. The Travis County Commissioners Court on Tuesday…

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Developments And Bonds In Gillespie County

Developments and bonds in Gillespie County

Several noteworthy articles out of the Fredericksburg Standard this week, including this piece about an upcoming bond project that could finance new parkland for the City of Fredericksburg, and this one about a new subdivision coming into the north eastern corner of Gillespie County. Head to the Fredericksburg Standard to learn more!

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SB 740, 741 And 742 – Taking Aim At Eminent Domain Reform

SB 740, 741 and 742 – Taking Aim at Eminent Domain Reform

The Texans for Property Rights Coalition applauds the filing of SB 740, 741 and 742 aimed at eminent domain reform. The bills expand upon progress made in landmark 2011 eminent domain legislation. The three bills, authored by Senator Lois Kolkhorst, will help level the playing field for property owners who confront corporations and government entities with deep pockets and experienced legal teams. "Every Texan knows that our private property rights must be protected," said Senator Kolkhorst. "To protect landowners across…

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