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May 2012 News Archive

May 31, 2012 Southern Great Plains could run out of groundwater in 30 years, study finds Key farming regions in the US are drawing water from underground sources at unsustainable rates, with slightly more than one-third of the southern Great Plains at risk of tapping out its sources within the next 30 years. Read more from May 29, 2012 Rainwater Revival Extends Application Deadline for Classroom Grants Elementary and Middle Schools in 17 Hill Country counties now have until…

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2012 Drought News

November 21, 2012 LCRA hands down compromise emergency drought order “The water release planning for 2013 has been the subject of a collision of interests as drought drags on in the region,” Read the Statesman report here. This decision is described as “incomprehensible” by some, read the news from the Highland Lakes Highlander here. The bottom line is that everyone needs to conserve and start thinking a whole new way about water use, this battle has just begun. September 20, 2012 Drought…

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