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TPW Magazine Profiles Texas Conservation Hero Terese Hershey

The January/February edition of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine features a profile of Terry Hershey, an important pioneer in the history of conservation. Hershey left a lasting impact on the Hill Country and the rest of Texas by championing the use of conservation easements to permanently protect open spaces. Check out the full story here. Read the entire issue (including a story about protecting our dark night skies) here.

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Conserving Private Lands Conserves Water

Conserving private lands conserves water

Former President and Texas native Lyndon B. Johnson once said: “Saving the water and the soil must start where the first raindrop falls.” In Texas, where about 95 percent of the land is privately owned, and 83 percent of that land is rural farms, ranches and forests, it is essential that all Texans understand the interconnection of land and water to ensure the healthy stewardship of both, according to natural resource professionals. Read more from TAMU.

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Genuine Land Stewardship

Genuine Land Stewardship

by Steve Nelle The topic of land stewardship has gained a great deal of public attention during recent years. This is a good trend since it helps focus greater awareness to the importance of how the land is treated, and the people who carry out responsible land care. However, land stewardship to some extent, has become a catchphrase; feel-good words; frequently used but seldom clearly defined. In some ways, land stewardship is becoming an over-used slogan; thus the need to…

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Blanco Chamber of Commerce recognizes thirteen local businesses for exemplary outdoor lighting

On Friday, December 12, the Blanco Chamber of Commerce recognized four Blanco businesses for their night sky-friendly outdoor lighting and support of night sky preservation.  Accepting the Chamber’s Night Sky-Friendly Business Recognition Program Certificates of Merit were (l to r) Judy Dorsett for Cut-N-Curls; Charlotte Widick for Healing Arts; Kim Taing San for Blanco Donuts; and Siobhan Atchley for Strickland Drugs.  Presenting the awards were (center) Chamber President Curtis Knutson and the Chamber’s Executive Director, Libbey Aly.

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Hamilton Pool Road Targeted For 1600 Homes 

Hamilton Pool Road targeted for 1600 homes 

A TCEQ Public Meeting will be held Monday night, December 15th to hear concerns about the wastewater treatment plant to service this large, dense proposed development. Community members encourage participation as this development will profoundly change the Hamilton Pool Road neighborhood. View the meeting notice here. You can learn more about this project and other issues affecting the Bee Cave and Hamilton Pool Road community at

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Can We Start Thinking Of Water As A Crop?

Can we start thinking of water as a crop?

Water is not traditionally thought of as a crop, but Water As A Crop® and its partners are hoping to change that. This organization promotes the idea that water falling on private, rural land can be effectively conserved and marketed in a manner similar to crops. In exchange for implementing conservation practices, rural landowners receive financial incentives to reimburse their costs. These conservation practices benefit investors and landowners and preserve water for rural and urban communities alike. Read more from…

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Now It’s Time To Implement SWIFT

Now it’s time to implement SWIFT

You’ve been hearing about SWIFT for months, TWDB is now ready to implement this revolving loan program for water supply projects. The first round of applications is due February 3rd. Conservation is the least expensive, most efficient strategy of all which is why SWIFT legislation requires that not less than 20 percent of this program (hopefully more) is spent on conservation and reuse. Learn more

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Scientists Seek Public Help To Track Monarch Butterfly Milkweed Habitat

Scientists Seek Public Help to Track Monarch Butterfly Milkweed Habitat

“Where have all the monarchs gone?” This is becoming an oft repeated query, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department biologists are asking for citizen help in answering the question. Since monitoring of overwintering monarch butterfly populations 1993, the WWF has documented a significant decline that reached an all-time low in the winter of 2013. Biologists recently launched a project to explore Texas milkweed and determine where it is, how much is out there and are the monarchs using it. Read…

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US Cities Increasingly Embracing Water Conservation

US cities increasingly embracing water conservation

Los Angeles is a city that is notorious for its use of water- importing it from hundreds of miles away and delivering stormwater to the Pacific Ocean through the Los Angeles River, which largely has been converted to a concrete ditch. The story that is less often told is how this city of 3.8 million, and cities across the country, have begun implementing conservation practices that have shrunk their water footprint and changed the way we look at stormwater. Read…

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Why Water is Not the New Oil

The legislative session is gearing up, and increasing groundwater production will be the objective of at least a couple of bills. Groundwater will be an important asset for Texas' future water portfolio, but should maximization be the goal? That's one of the questions Our Desired Future is meant to provoke. Read Sharlene Leurig’s recent op-ed in the Texas Tribune.

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