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June 2010 News Archive

June 30, 2011 Environmental Stewardship appeals GMA 12 DFC The Bastrop County-based nonprofit organization Environmental Stewardship submitted a petition to Groundwater Management Area 12 (GMA-­12) appealing the desired future conditions for the aquifers within all areas of groundwater management in Area 12. Read more Hill Country Alliance announces photo contest winners The fifth annual photography contest held by the Hill Country Alliance (HCA) received hundreds of beautiful entries that capture the unique places, lasting treasures and special qualities the Texas…

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As Drought Intensifies, Wildscaping Can Help Texans Save Water

Texas residents are asked to monitor and reduce their water usage, yet home and land owners may feel they have little control over resource conservation when it comes to manicured lawns and upkeep of green spaces. They may have heard of alternative gardening as a way to cut costs and save water, but may not know where to turn for advice or information. Read more from Texas Parks and Wildlife here.

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