September 17, 2009

Army, warbler making peace

The Nature Conservancy and Fort Sam Houston were poised to announce today a five-year agreement to bolster Camp Bullis by finding and purchasing land to set aside as habitat for an endangered songbird. Read full SA Express article here.

August 28, 2009

Conservancy shifts into high gear

Scott Storm decided the best way to keep his family’s ranch together was through a conservation agreement that would protect more than 5,000 acres covered in live oak, Spanish oak and native prairie grasses. So he started working with the Hill Country Conservancy to do so. Read full Austin Business Journal article here.

January 12, 2009

How purchase of development rights can help save open space

“The loss of farmland and open space throughout the country has become a very important issue in recent years,” write Joe Daubenmire and Thomas W. Blaine for Ohio State University. “As more and more land becomes developed, an increasing number of tools have been created to preserve the land that remains. One of the tools that has captured the imagination of planners, elected officials, and others is the purchase of development rights (PDR). Currently 18 states have active PDR programs. The purpose of this fact sheet is to describe this program.” Read more here.