February 21, 2011

Growing pains come with rise in population

As civic leaders in San Antonio and surrounding communities began digesting new census figures released Thursday, the implications of the region’s 25 percent population increase were both gratifying and sobering. Read full article from SA Express-News here.

February 7, 2011

Counties continue to wish for more land-use authority

Residents of unincorporated areas outside Austin’s city limits often call Travis County officials to complain about bars, dance halls, industrial operations and other places that create unwanted noise, light or odors. But there’s little the county can do. Residents get what one county staffer called the “standard spiel” — an explanation of how the Legislature hasn’t given counties regulatory authority over land use. More from Statesman.com.

More land-use authority a must for Texas county commissioners

“County taxpayers all over the state are on the hook in varying degrees for the cleanup of unregulated subdivisions built without the most basic of amenities — roads and running water. Commissioners courts stood by helplessly while the subdivisions went up and were equally helpless when the developer left.” Read more from Statesman.com here.

January 26, 2011

Legislators recommend tools to help manage growth

The House Committee on County Affairs submitted its Interim Report to the 82nd Texas Legislature this week. “The Texas Legislature should consider adopting limited and reasonable measures to protect against incompatible land uses in high growth areas outside of city jurisdiction.” Read the Executive Summary relating to growth management tools here. Read the full report here.