August 13, 2012

Welcome Scenic Comal County

Scenic Texas welcomes their newest chapter, Scenic Comal County. Committed to preserving the county’s landscape, a group of concerned residents led by Chris Cornwell, Dave Bohn, Robbi Boone, and Comal County Commissioner Jan Kennady want to raise awareness about the negative effects of visual pollution. Scenic Comal County’s mission is to preserve the scenic beauty of Comal County by curbing billboard proliferation, minimizing light pollution, and cleaning up litter. To learn more about Scenic Comal County or join their efforts, visit

February 28 2012

Transportation bill would end Scenic Byways Program

Scenic America championed the creation of the National Scenic Byways Program and believes these special roads tell the stories of America. To lose our scenic byways would be to lose a part of our history. Read more in this month’s Scenic Overlook, published by Scenic America. More about this issue in the Hill Country region here.

January 28, 2012

New Study shows billboard hurt nearby property values

A new study shows that billboards negatively affect the values of neighboring properties. It also found that cities with strict billboard controls are experiencing greater economic prosperity than those with controls that are less strict. Read full article in Scenic America’s newsletter, Scenic Overlook.