September 20, 2012

Farm to Table Caucus Advances Local Food Movement

On a mission to advance the local food movement, a Democrat from Austin is finding common ground with Republicans and rural Texans. Read more from

May 19, 2012

Urban farmers fight to be treated like their country cousins

A major challenge facing city farms in the Austin area centers on property tax rates that are much higher than those at traditional farms and ranches in more remote parts of the state. That’s because most urban farmers cannot get the agricultural-use exemption, which could reduce their tax bills by thousands of dollars a year, even though they make a living off the land. Read full article.

May 7, 2012

Herff Farm: a new, old way to grow

It’s like every garden you’ve seen, yet it’s like no garden you’ve seen. Inside a simple cow-panel and cedar-post fence, the 1,800-square-foot inspiration garden at Herff Farm at the Cibolo in Boerne combines a variety of common and not-so-familiar sustainable techniques for growing produce in the Hill Country. “This is just the beginning of the farm’s master plan for demonstrating living lightly in the Hill Country,” says Carolyn Chipman Evans, executive director at Cibolo Nature Center. The nature center sits on 100 acres next to the 62-acre farm. Read full article from SA Express-News.

April 26, 2012

3rd Annual Austin Community Gardening Tour: Growing Food, Growing Community

The 3rd Annual Austin Community Gardening Tour is this Saturday from 12-4. This free, friendly-to-all-ages, open-house style tour provides the opportunity to visit an inspiring array of gardens throughout the Austin area where participants are growing food and growing community together. Details

April 9, 2012

Cibolo Nature Center to open Herff Farm and Farmers Market at the Cibolo

The Cibolo Nature Center will expand its educational opportunities in May with the opening of The Herff Farm at the Cibolo, an outdoor classroom for teaching living skills such as gardening, composting, beekeeping and rainwater harvesting – once-common skills that have been nearly lost in little more than a generation. Learn More