October 20, 2013

Which activities use the most water?

In April, 2013, New Braunfels Utilities (NBU), utility provider for the New Braunfels area, created a water usage exhibit to educate the community on which activities use the most water. Learn More

August 15, 2013

Arid Southwest Cities’ Plea: Lose the Lawn

In hopes of enticing, or forcing, residents to abandon the scent of freshly cut grass, cities in this parched region have offered homeowners ever-increasing amounts to replace their lawns with drought-resistant plants; those who keep their grass face tough watering restrictions and fines for leaky sprinklers. Read more from NY Times.

March 12, 2013

Water on the Home Front: New Report Highlights HOA Restrictions on Xeriscaping

“Texas faces an unprecedented water crisis, and most of the HOA landscaping rules that we found are barriers to the ability of ordinary homeowners to conserve,” said David Foster, State Director for Clean Water Fund and the report’s author. He added: “Lawn watering can account for 60% or more of a typical homeowner’s overall water usage.” Read More

February 13, 2013

Come on Texas Hill Country – Let’s take the 40 Gallon Challenge together

Help turn the Hill Country region on this map to dark blue as we take the 40 Gallon Pledge together. We can do more to conserve water inside and outside our homes and businesses. Start by taking the pledge yourself. Then spread the word! Remember to forward to teachers too, this is a great educational tool for our kids. Take the Pledge