One of the two great ironies of the Vista Ridge saga is how Abengoa was supposed to bolster the controversial water project but instead became an albatross that threatened to doom the pipeline before it ever could be built.
As a behemoth in clean energy technologies, building large-scale projects around the world, Spain-based Abengoa should have symbolized certainty and expertise. The name was supposed to mean something. Vista Ridge is a big project by any measure — $3.4 billion, 50,000 acre-feet of water a year for 30 years, 142 miles of pipe stretching from here to north of Austin. And here was a company big enough to get the job done.

 A big company buried in big debt: $10.3 billion and creditors lining out the door.

In principle, the Vista Ridge pipeline should have been insulated from those problems. Abengoa Vista Ridge, the local subsidiary, is, on paper, separate from Abengoa, the house of cards… Read more from SA Express-News