Selah Bamberger Ranch Preserve is pleased to announce the selection of a new executive director to lead the nonprofit into the future. Selah’s board of directors has unanimously selected April Sansom for the position. Sansom will assume her new duties on June 11.
“My vision for Selah has always been that it will be around for generations to come, teaching the lesson that given the chance, nature can heal itself,” said Bamberger, who will turn 92 on June 11. “We’ve been working toward the future since we got started here more than 50 years ago. This leadership transition is critical, and I wanted to get everything in order to witness it while I am still alive. April Sansom is the perfect choice and is prepared to step in and carry the reputation and mission of Bamberger Ranch Preserve to a whole new dimension.”
Read the full press release from Selah Bamberger Ranch Preserve here.