Micke Mecke | Ranch & Rural Living |
Most of Texas has been blessed with average or above average rainfall for the past year or more! It is not uncommon to hear your TV weather folks say “The drought in Texas is over,” and often that is echoed in the local coffee shops or by groups of weathered ranchers talking happily about the latest rain.
But, looking back at the number of drought years and exceptionally hot years we have had in the past seven or eight years, I have been suspicious of what effects still linger on in Texas. Growing up in the 1950s drought left me cautious and suspicious of a good year or two completely curing a long-term problem. Advising and planning with ranchers and farmers for the next 40 years in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming and going through several other shorter periods of severe drought made me want to check more than my rain gage and records… Read more from Ranch & Rural Living Magazine