barrels 2015

(left) 2015 art barrel artist Debbie Carroll is known for her landscapes and native Texas Botanicals; she adds a frolicking Mockingbird to this one. (right) As 2015 art barrel artists, students from the Dripping Springs High School National Art Honors Society created this art barrel to reflect on the metamorphosis and flight of the butterfly—noting its resemblance to what happens during a student’s years in high school.

Artists from around the Hill Country have once again donated their time and talent turning 55-gallon drums into beautiful functional works of art for the 2015 Rainwater Revival and the Hill Country Alliance’s School Grant Program.
Starting on November 1, the Hill Country Alliance (HCA) is conducting an online auction of four “art barrels” with all proceeds funding grants to local schools for rainwater harvesting projects and water conservation education. The online auction can be accessed at:
The one-of-a-kind art barrels can be seen “in-person” at the Rainwater Revival to be held on Saturday, November 7 at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park & Event Center. Bidding ends at 2 p.m. on Nov. 7, and winning bidders will be announced at 4 p.m. at the Rainwater Revival.
“These original art barrels not only collect rainwater,” notes Christy Muse, HCA executive director, ”but they are themselves collector pieces—adorning porches, patios and gardens across the Hill Country and returning their owners to the ancient, practical art of capturing what falls from the skies for beneficial, onsite use. ”
Since it began in 2010, the Rainwater Revival has auctioned 30 art barrels to the highest bidder, making it possible to award grants to 19 schools throughout the Hill Country. Through this program, thousands of students have benefited from learning about the ease and benefit of capturing rainwater for school gardens, landscapes, and even ball fields.
Art barrels contribute to water awareness in the Texas Hill Country. View the art barrels and place your bid at:
The Rainwater Revival is an annual celebration of collection, conservation and common sense designed to help individuals and businesses learn how to capture rainwater for in-home use and outdoor irrigation.
The Hill Country Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to raise public awareness and build community support around the need to preserve the natural resources and heritage of the Texas Hill Country.