Work has begun to fight back against the giant river cane clogging local creeks.
Members of the Hill Country Alliance and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department met early Wednesday morning at the recently renovated Frantzen Park to start test plots on treating Arundo donax, the invasive, aggressive species that can reach heights of 30 feet.
“We worked on a total of four properties over two days, and I think it was successful,” said Katherine Romans, landowner outreach program manager for Hill Country Alliance. “We’ll do a follow-up visit in about three weeks to get an initial sense of how it went. We’ll be able to tell next spring when the plants start to green up again.”
Romans said the group treated about one acre total, which is roughly one-fifth of the planned test area on a one-mile stretch of Barons Creek. An aerial survey showed roughly 50 acres of creek showing major clumps of the growth… Read more from the Fredericksburg Standard
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