Deep within each of us is a memory of breathtaking awe and wonder. Within each of us is a recollection of that first time we found ourselves speechless, under a canopy of deep night and starlight. It might have been at a star party, under a planetarium dome, or while camping. No matter how you found your way to the night sky, it is an experience that touches our hearts, ignites our curiosity, and connects us all.

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Click the image to view a PDF of the full sponsorship packet for Night Sky Month. Donations can be made on our online sponsorship portal. For additional information or questions regarding sponsorship, contact

This October, the Hill Country Alliance will celebrate the 2nd annual Hill Country Night Sky Month with partners and communities across the Texas Hill Country. It is an opportunity to enjoy one of the region’s most beloved features – the star-filled sky – and to celebrate all that Hill Country communities do to preserve it for residents and visitors alike.

We support and collaborate with city and county groups, local government, and non-profit stakeholders to uphold the integrity of our night sky. Together with our partners, we create events that celebrate the night, highlight the threat of light pollution, and educate on preventative measures. We hold contests featuring songwriters, artists, and storytellers of all ages. We set up telescopes to share with the public the spectacles of the universe.

To put on a month of programming across the region is a massive undertaking that takes planning and time and, most of all, you. We invite you to be part of what makes Hill Country Night Sky Month stellar. We are looking for sponsors who believe, as we do, that our night sky is an invaluable resource worth protecting and celebrating. By becoming a sponsor, your name and brand will shine brightly, proclaiming you as a champion for night skies across the Hill Country.

There are several sponsorship levels available. To become a sponsor, complete our online donation form, contact us at (512) 663-2249, email, or send us a check denoting your desired sponsorship level and your contact information! Find more information at Signing up early will ensure you get recognized as a sponsor at every opportunity and contribute to this Night Sky Month’s celestial success!

Thank you for your consideration and support!


Dawn Davies
Night Sky Program Coordinator
Hill Country Alliance

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