HCA is happy to share some GREAT news from the Bandera Canyonlands Alliance, LoneHollow Ranch, and The Cibolo Conservancy! After months of opposition, including a petition garnering nearly 25,000 signatures and three county resolutions opposing the wastewater permit application, Young Life’s LoneHollow Ranch has announced they will be withdrawing their request for a TCEQ discharge permit. Instead, they will be enacting a Zero-Discharge water conservation plan and pursuing a Texas Land Application Permit (TLAP). Read on for an excerpt from BCA’s recent press release and email alert:

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I am writing today to make you aware of some wonderful news for our community.

BCA is happy to be able to report that in recent discussions with Young Life they have shared with us that they are going to move to a Zero Discharge plan for managing treated wastewater at their camp at LoneHollow Ranch between Utopia and Vanderpool.

Click here to read the full announcement from Bandera Canyonlands Alliance, as well as the accompanying press release from Lone Hollow Ranch. You can learn more on Young Life’s Lone Hollow Ranch website.